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Do the Japanese really care about figure skating as much as this show says?
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Yes, like any other sport :^)
Japan is the reason figure skating has the international profile that it does, even the Russians can't compete with the fervor of Japanese fans.

Tofugu had a really good hour-long podcast about Figure skating & Japan.
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I want to hug Yuzuru Hanyu!!

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>called kill la kill
>no one gets killed
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>No one gets killed
Aho ka?
>Princess Principle
>No one is a princess or principle
Maybe actually watch it, retard.

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New chapter is out.

The problem with a highlander situation is that you know any cute waifu or husbando introduced is going to die eventually.
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Did she deserve it for leading him on?
I'm sure this first go will be a disaster with a bunch dying.
what would be your fractured power, /a/?

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>The year is 2020
>Netflix, Amazon and other western corporations have became the biggest producers on the industry
>Anime new target demographic are not japanese otakus, but the western userbase of netflix and Amazon
>Anime studios are financiated by Western money and produce content for western consumtion
>The new western overlords don't allow any kind of political incorrect content on the shows they produce

The sad thing is, given the state of the world we live in, this may actually happen
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It will fucking happen there is no doubt about it.
>The year is 2017
>/a/ is shit full of greentext Narutards and non-anime threads

The sad thing is, given the state of /a/, go back to >>>/b/
Because anime was so full of political incorrectness right
You are a dumbo that doesnt know what culture relativism is

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I want to drink with Aqua!
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So basically my harem.
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Why wouldn't you marry Aqua? I want to see her adorable shenanigans for the rest of my life!
she a slut

The story went downhill when it got rid of the Ripple. Having the stands and moving the story to Japan made everything generic.
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>stands are more generic than ki power
I think you have an unpopular opinion there, comrade.

I would agree though, that part 1 and 2 were the best. Especially part 1, but ESPECIALLY part 2.
I wish they had at least kept some of the Ripple stuff and incorporated it into the Stand fights

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Alright everyone, what's your fave manga

Mine's Army Of One
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Mine's Aku no Hana, thanks for the rec fag
Hell Yeah aku no hana and oyasumi punkin are the best
O whoops punpun

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What do you want to see in an Isekai

hard mode: that isn't already in an Isekai series
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Non fantasy world Isekai (no magic, no bullshit powers, etc)

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What was her (male) name again?
Dammit, now i want some ice cream.

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LWA was overall a disappointment, but you can't deny that these three shows saved Anime.
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I see four and they range from decent to terrible.
I really like their art/animation style. They should push more stuff with it .
Only TTGL saved anime. KLK is fucking shit and Luluco is just mindless fun.

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Are you ready for HF movie aka Shinji's route?
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is that the route where he rapes sakura?
fuck off shinji
are they actually gonna make it independent of the other routes though

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Holy shit.
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Chapter 71 Korean Scans

The tengu will be your waitress for this evening.
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Next >>159707211
>burd chapter

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So I finally got around to watching the last episode.
Hold me anons, I can't take this
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I will hold you, come here
Worst thing is I finished Tsuki ga Kirei before this
Shouganai na, mou~

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No stupid humans allowed.
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Why are 2D ayy lmaos so much better than 2DND?
If I had a picture of that dude from Space Yamato I'd post it
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She says she's an alien and I choose to believe her.

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