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that mask....png
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Wait a minute...that mask...is he...?
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Spell Kakashi backwards and say it out loud.
Get everyone on board. I'll call it in
If I pull that mask off, will he die?

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How do you feel about prince(female) types?
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They're shit.
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smartly dressed women are a fetish of mine
>Still posting this dumb show.

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Why was this allowed?
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I want to watch Turn A but I really don't want to sit through ZZ and Victory after how bad Zeta was. Will I miss out on anything?
Turn-A isn't even part of the same universe

Well technically it is, but it's set so far in the future it doesn't matter

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Boys can't love boys.
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i wanna fuck the smug right back into her
anyone can love anything
girls can't love girls

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Second episode is out but I suppose no one is watching this.
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There was a thread earlier but it just died.
I'm watching it and it's shit.

Why? 3 episode rule, man.
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It has Touma in it.

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ITT: We post a plebeian anime and the patrician equivalent

Starting with a few that should be obvious to any patrician:

Pleb: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Patrician: Fight! Iczer-One

Pleb: Gunbuster
Patrician: Orguss 02

Pleb: FLCL
Patrician: Alien Nine

Pleb: Zeta Gundam
Patrician: Char's Counterattack

Pleb: Urusei Yatsura
Patrician: Outlanders
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>Pleb: Urusei Yatsura
I almost respected you till I saw that.
pleb: idolmaster
patrician: lovelive

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If I'm the sort of guy that like this kind of character archetype, what does that make me?
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normal, that's the best girl in the series
What kind of character type was she again?

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*licks your tears*
what is the difference from the regular kind then?

(sorry to continue this conversation into a new thread but i find i am curious)
The cheap kind you bend to activate the chemicals and last only an hour or two while the expensive ones are more like a flashlight.

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It's a gif but eh
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Why is this show so overly edgy?
I mean, i get that it started production in 2008 and all, but seriously?
its almost unbearable.
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Tim Burton style aged like shit, personally I always found it edgy even back when it was cool.

Drop it if you don't like the aesthetic, stop whining to look cooo faggot
>stop whining to look cooo faggot
Never did though
spooky halloween stylistic choice. The actual story isn't that "edgy". I like it anyway.

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Is KnJ the greatest loli manga of all time?
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MnR, but it ends in a few chapters.
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Too much blatant fanservice for anyone to take it seriously and to hide the fact that it's incredibly mediocre as a loli story.
Cop-out ending.

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Starts off slow, finally gets entertaining 50 episodes later at York New Arc. Goes back to being boring for another 50+ episodes until the near end of the Chimera Ant Arc.

What's the appeal of this series? Is it to attract Shota loving pedophiles and Hisoka being a self-insert character.
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Madhouse's 2011 adaptation has been met with near universal critical acclaim. While the series as a whole has received widespread praise,[134][135] the Chimera Ant arc in particular has been often singled out. In addition to being met with rave reviews, the arc has generated considerable discussion and analysis of its themes, symbols, characters and structure throughout and in the aftermath of its run. The arc is commonly viewed as a deconstruction of shōnen and action anime;[136][137] other readings have focused on supposed symbolic parallels with Buddhism[138][139] and nuclear war. Nick Creamer compared the arc to a “war drama”. In a lengthy essay, Creamer read the arc as a study of, and in the end a simultaneous critique and defense of human nature.[140]

Much of the writing surrounding the arc focuses on its villain, the Chimera Ant King. Largely echoing Creamer’s conclusion, Luke Halliday, in an examination of the character, describes his story as “an exploration into what it means to be human.”[141] In the piece, Halliday describes the King's development as “one of the most interesting and captivating in anime . . . [the King's] journey is simply unforgettable” and states his own belief that the arc “will go down as one of the greatest stories told in anime”.
Really what was the point of the Greed Island arc?

ITT: Waste of air
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Will she win the Umarubowl?
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How do we beat him?
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Speed bumps.
Stop signs? Traffic lights?
Blowing up the bridges?
Take away the roads.

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