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Yoshiko is best.
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that's why she seemed so familiar.

Time to add this to my watching list.
It's the stupidest show around, but the actors are having a ball and carry it so hard.
I feel bad for the imouto.

she's destined to be an even bigger aho than her future sister in law and there's nothing she can do to fix it.

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I've done it. I've found the worst anime airing this season.
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We already knew that, anon
Sorry anon, Knights and Magic already won that award.
The character designs for the girls are so painfully generic. Anyone with half a brain could tell that it'd be complete trash from the get go.

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What do you think of Hetalia, /a/?
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The most cancerous thing to come out in the time period.
i think its dumb fun but i heard it had a cancerous fanbase when it came out and it still exists on places like tumblr and deviantart
It's alright. I liked how short most of the episodes were.

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Any opinions on FLCL+the new seasons coming out? I watched it twice in one night for the first time 2 days ago and it became my all time favorite anime.
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pretty optimistic for seasons 2 and 3. I watched FLCL for the first time
after watching the trailer at the anime expo panel. I love how the animation is digital now. looks a lot better
Same here dude.
Read the manga

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>MC transports to another world
>Becomes fluent in the world's language by the end of episode one
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Name 2 (two) series where this happens.
How else is he supposed to get them in bed by episode 2?
Every non mainstream isekais

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What are some action scenes people think are brutal just because a girl's getting beat up? Pic related
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is this the only anime you watch?
Why do you ask?
Is it weird that Videl getting beaten up turns me on?

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can I watch Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam without watching the original? The first series looks like dadcore trash
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Here's your reply. Treasure it.
You can't.
Absolutely mandatory

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>there are people on /a/ right now who are staunchly against watching any anime in the pre-digital era
Why is this allowed?
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You say this, but I know all of /a/ appreciates how good Detective Conan looked pre-digitally,
loooks like ass
There are people on /a/ right now who stream illegally at 5 kbps bitrate because they think torrenting is piracy. There's no saving this board.

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Explain to me, without memes, why this anime is so beloved when it's a shallow piece of shit full of unfunny one dimensional characters.
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You are a tasteless homosexual. The result of that is your uncle fisting you as a child, and I don't think that's a meme.
yurifags everywhere.

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What was his fucking problem?
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He's not drawn as a girl with a dick

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14 (2).jpg
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Has /a/'s taste become so shit yet that we can't have a delinquent manga thread?
I hope not. Delinquent manga thread.
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Mitsuhashi vs Onizuka

I know Onizuka is basically superhuman but Mitsuashi is basically male delinquent Urumi but more of an ass.
File: gto_v15a_146.jpg (301KB, 943x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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I like Mitsuashi more as a character/person but Onizuka is fucking insanely strong. Mitsuashi fights dirtier than Onizuka (which is already pretty dirty) but I don't think it can offset the raw strength and plot armor that Onizuka has.
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What are you talking about man, kkow is probably my favorite manga of all time, it is the only series I reread everu few years.
It is the only delinquent manga I have read though.

Read Kyou kara ore wa it is great.

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anime plot.jpg
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Hanako is a spunky yet kind-hearted girl who just started high school, with hopes of becoming a nutritionist. Mainly because she's always been interested in...poop! She knows almost all there is to know about maintaining proper regularity!

After she accidentally drops a pack of wet-naps out of her schoolbag (mainly because the cheap school toilet paper always causes hemorrhoids), she and her friends establish the Bathroom Club, where they discuss their, umm, bodily functions, proper nutrition and hydration, toilet paper versus wet-naps, and if need be, the proper use of laxatives and anti-diarrhea medication. As Hanako reminds her friends, "Proper regularity is the key to good health!"

It's all played relatively straight with no lewdness (though obviously perverts will be all over it). Hey, remember Chuu-bra, about a girl who starts an "Underwear Club" and is actually quite knowledgable about proper underwear for various situations (or for that matter, Juuden-chan)? This one might not be too far-fetched.

The OP or ED will probably have a line like "We don't like to talk about it, but we do it every day!"

The seiyuus might choose to go anonymous, but I suggest Yuka Iguchi for Hanako (if only because she likes collecting plastic poop, heh).
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Already a thing/
A Japanese high school boy travels to murrica as an exchange student. He's mistaken for a girl, and learns the joy of crossdressing.
Does anyone here actually write stories online like that one fox anon?

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Same guy that made Nourin, this time it's a story about a teenage shogi master and his loli disciple.

Cast already confirmed:

Yūma Uchida as Yaichi Kuzuryū
Rina Hidaka as Ai Hinazuru
Ayane Sakura as Ai Yashajin
Hisako Kanemoto as Ginko Sora
Ai Kayano as Keika Kiyotaki
Yurika Kubo as Mio Mizukoshi
Chinami Hashimoto as Ayano Sadatō
Yui Ogura as Charlotte Izoard
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Do they fug
Will MC have a foot fetish again? I hope so.
>Ayane Sakura
I'm in

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Best character ever.
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Glad to see the 2.5d meme never took off.
It appears you've never been into seiyuufag threads.
I agree.

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Mari a ____
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qt patootie
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best girl.
best. Only watched that show for her

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