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Subject line. Underrated, unpopular, or downright hated. If you like 'em anyway, post 'em.

this song inspired me to get into HnK, and I liked You Wa Shock better anyway

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the movie had a decent soundtrack

And this is why I never post on /a/

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Who exactly would buy this for their daughter and allow her to wear it?
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A pedophile relative
Reiji wasn't a pedophile

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ITT: characters that makes the show unwatchable
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>posts a picture from S2 showing that he finished the show

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Unpopular opinions thread.

Twintail girls always look better without their twintails.
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I agree, brother
How can that girl be better when she's dead.


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There's no discussion Kaiji was taken advantage of; don't try to defend that cunt Funai, quads Satan

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Why is this allowed?
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>implying anyone can resist the dick
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>Gorilla noises
Femdomfags are subs, so logically they should still be able to get off on this because it's like orgasm denial for them.

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What the fuck am i watching?
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Why are her pupils square? Is she a goat?
Exposition: The Anime
Re:Creators. You should probably stop now.

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Is it possible, in a completely non-ironic sense, we are reading one of the genuinely deepest antagonists in modern manga these days?
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I'm pretty sure there will be more deeper antagonists in the abyss.
He was just an antagonist in the fifth layer, they'll meet more in the sixth and seventh.
Yeah, he was pretty far down that hole.

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What did you think of it
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It was trash.
ur trash
I liked it. Homu never fit in with the rest anyway. Might as well make her the devil.

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Boob heart.gif
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Which anime girl has the best boobs?
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Is this that one girl who can turn into a dude as well?
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Forgotten titty monsters of /a/.

post a better party
>Protip: You can't
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Shame Woodchuck got fucked so hard.
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Here you go

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The best scene in anime history.
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Chi Chi confirmed PICCOLO'D
why didn't Piccolo just make his own clothes?
Why can't we get more filler like this?

Just finished watching this and it was probably the best romance anime in two years. An amazing original series.
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>in two years
what was the best romance two years ago?
Can you stop to make these threads? This is starting to look utterly pathetic and youre ruining the shows fanbase's reputation by spamming this shit. And this is coming from someone who pre-ordered the BDs and loved the show so much that he considers it the second best out of 750+ shows/movies he has ever watched.
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This is the greatest moment in any romance anime.

>"B-b-but it's just some boy screaming all alone at a train!"

No shit you dumb sluts but let me tell you why this is fucking art. Tsuki Ga Kirei, most will tell you, is a quiter anime than most. There's no "NANIIII?!!?" or shrieking over comedy hijinks. Characters speak normal and softly, our two main characters even more than others. The entire premise is these two introverted kids stumbling through life and into romance, not sure what the fuck they're really doing. At most they'll mumble some encouragements to each other, at worst sit beside each other in silence. Of course they open to one another over the course of the series, but it's all still little steps forward, like poking your toe into a river to check the temperature.

So then the ending happens. It's over. He's already missed his chance, the train is gone, his first love shooting off to someplace without even a goodbye. But he doesn't give up. Instead he runs his ass off to some stupid outlook next to where the train passes by, and to do what?

To fucking SCREAM. This introverted quiet young boy, who had spent the past 12 episodes slowly putting one foot forward in front of the other, mumbling his way through a relationship, standing in silence confused when the girl he loved cried, suddenly just shouts at the top of his lungs.

That was the change right there. He was no longer that confused timid boy, unsure of what love or growing up was. He had become a man, and he was going to chase the girl he loved to the ends of the earth and time itself.

What the hell did I just watch?
Why does this even exist?
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There wasn't even a single KAAAAAAAAAAANCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in the episode.
Where the fuck is the Soyokaze? Where the fuck is teh ensemble cast? Who the hell is the target audience?
At least it's a short, so you won't waste much time looking for the punchline every week.

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A used iphone 4 is all his poor ass can afford.
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I guess Nips have finally graduated from flip phones.
But he's unironically poor. His father died, and he has a bunch of younger siblings. Yuiga is a good boy.
He didn't even buy it, it was won in the lottery

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