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Well? I'm waiting.
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I'm 3D
I don't have one.
This is a an Auswitzh mode, zero muscles. Dont make /fit/ laugth at you.

ITT: Weird times an anime made you cry.

I'll go first.

>be me
>be feeling nostalgic
>decide to rewatch ttgl for the manliness
>"Episode 8: Farewell Comrades"
>"oh boy here we go"
>Kamina does the Giga Drill Breaker
>get all choked up and don't know why but tears are shed

My dudes. I seriously wasn't ready for it. Best anime of all time.
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indeed, first season was muh favorite
Yeah I'm rewatching too and I've been crying like a bitch

Is this the Ro-Kyu-Bu of our time?
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modern day classic aoty only comes around once a decade

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>78 episodes
>still a leeroy jenkins
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Leeroy jenkins everyday, he still does it in the manga though now he got a great advisor.
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why does he wear the mask
>still wears it in the manga
I guess the day he fall gonna be the one he is without it.

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Is Ange the Hei/BK201 of our time?
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Looks more like the Gun x Sword guy.
yes and no
Ange is a good girl.

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Why was this allowed?
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Because no1 would sexualize that.
Because Miyazaki is an actual pedophile despite talking shit about modern sol anime
because it's safety shorts, not panties
you can tell because they're shorts

FMA live action character visuals, discuss.
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Literal vomit.
Other pics too large

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Who's the best big 3 villain?

Also, is Aizen a superior villain when compared to Dio Brando?
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Light Yagami
That guy who got defeated by the power of friendship in Fairy Tail
too good villains for FT

Can someone explain me the first episode of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei (the second season of the series Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei)? It makes it look like Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is not the continuation of Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei. I mean, it starts with Itoshiki's introductions being completely different from the one that happened in the first season, but everything is just like if the first season has happened, such as Matoi stalking Itoshiki and Komori living in the school building. Oh, by the way, when introducing himself to the class in the first season, Itoshiki is called by Fuura "Pink Supervisor", but in the second season, in the same scenario, he's called "Left-Wing Guerrilla", it's just like the first season didn't even happen. In the other hand, Nami, that was a character in the first season, just fucking shows up as if she was being introduced to the series, she doesn't even know about Itoshiki's suicidal impulses, even though in the first season she has appeared several times. Can someone explain me what the fuck just happened? I get really angry and disturbed when I don't understand something.
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Even the author himself nor the japs understand the manga. You're fine.
Really? So nobody really understands what's going on in these scenes?
The first part is based off of a gag summary of the beginning of the series found on one of the tankobon sleeves, if I recall.

Nami's introduction chapter happens sooner in the manga, but the anime goes out of order.

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I don't understand how you can say you're a fan or an anime/manga series when you pirate it i.e. stealing from it.
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It means you like the story/characters and you don't like paying for stuff if you can get away with it
In my case it means i have no money and that i'd rather keep using this single excuse instead of getting a job.
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If you were Shinji, what would you have chosen? Bring everything back to normal or become one with Rei?
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Keep fucking Rei.
I'm retarded

Happiness for everyone is probably the safe call
>become one with Rei
That was the correct path but sadly he was tainted by literal homosexuality.

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Who would win in a fight, him or Japanese Truck-kun?
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Neither, obviously a truck of peace would win
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peace truck.jpg
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Which would win, truck of peace or Japanese cold?
Truck of peace could kill more short term but japanese cold would kill more overall

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I don't know much about animes but isn't $200 for 27 episodes a lot of money?
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Japan doesn't understand marketing. Now you know why their economy is so shit.

For a japanese release that's actually a huge deal

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>90% of the cast is useful and not just standing on the sidelines.
>Situation is far more complex then "just beat the bad guy" which has been the plot of Dragon Ball since Piccolo.
>All the other universes fighters are heroes in their own right casing there to be sades of gray everywhere
>Best villain is back better then ever.
>Actual reliance on strategy
>Biggest stakes ever
Why can't see that the Universe Survival arc is best thing to ever come out of Dragon Ball and best shonen arc since Chimera Ant /a/?
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Anime is a visual medium and the horrible animation ruins the whole experience
Because /a/ only cares about pretty animation and cute girls and has long since given up on Super.
Stiff and awkward animation takes away from the immersion into the episode.

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Has there ever been a worse English dub? How do we stop funimation?

4:55 - "Those pesky patriarchal societal demands"

13:23 - "Let me fondle your tits, it's okay to be curious even though society says that its not!"

How many more english dubs are going to be butchered by people trying to push political agendas? This is fucking painful.
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Jesus fuck why does every dub actor always sound so fucking smug and condescending?
lets see you try to do it you fucking stupid nigger

fuck you
i don't know who wrote this shit but it seems like the script is the real source of shit

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