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Grown up Kanna is the best Kanna...
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...because its not illegal to lewd her.
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Fuck off back to your facebook anime page you normalfag ironic weeb shitter.
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Its not illegal to do anything to her because she's a fucking cartoon you tube of custard

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Summer is fun!
Pitou fed his brains to the queen, Koala was just being existential you fucking brainlet

How do we stop her?
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The only thing that can stop a disciplinary committee president is another disciplinary comittee president.
This show is surprising well animated for what it is.

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Why do rpg mechanic isekai exist?
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Nips have zero originality, and know isekai sells on waifubait alone, so they don't bother crafting a good setting.
Because that's what sells.
They're cool Satan-chan.

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>getting together with the MC
Pick 1.

Deskcar is one of the rare exceptions, the MC is baller as hell.
pic unrelated right?, although, the manga was too vague at the end
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Pic of course related dumbass

Ranko was best girl

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Best girl.
Best crew.
Best yonko.
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i guess she was... dead serious

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>stussy can't handle banter

Can we discuss just how better this season is compared to the previous one?
Barely watched 2-3 shows in Spring. Now I have a good dozen on my plate.
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It's pretty good, but Fall 2017 is going to be one of the greatest of all time.
I've seen idiots on /a/ saying this, but I've yet to see any actual proof as to why.


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Am I watching the Evangelion of shonen?
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muh deconstruction

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Why can't normalfags into mecha?
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>Gundam 00
What the fuck? Does anyone even watch that in 2017 if they're not into Gundam already? Its popularity tanked when S2 aired and has just dwindled further since.
Code Geass falls into this category too
Gundam 00 is the only Gundam I've ever watched.

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Just re watched eva for the first time in years what do you guys think of it
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underrated imo
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I feel like rewatching it in the first time for a couple of years. I feel like crying.
It's "The Room" of anime, it has a vocal cult follower.

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>search catalog for "Nono a shit"
>0 results
Let's fix that.
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Kon is a rapper!
Why is Nono so ugly?
I hate Nono

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How can other isekai even compete?
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I wish there was more gag comedy isekai, I was hoping that the smartphone one would go down that route but it just looks like some self insert mary sue shit
God i miss ixion saga, lil o' konosuba simply couldn't fill that gap
Mariandale was best girl. No other girl (male) will ever be as perfect as she was.

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>Platinum Mad translated to Dagnabbit Mad
Who is James Balzer and how can I make sure he never touches this shit again?
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write a review?
I will never bother with this official translated shit because they either add their own useless flair or they change something to appeal to a western audience.
I hate these "it's English but the Japanese don't actually mean the English they're using" words. Shit like hambagu to salisbury steak is an obvious translation that should be done but something like platinum to dagnabbit is just fucking stupid.
How does that even happen

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Yeah it's pretty good
The more time passes, the more I realize Kuroneko should've won. I think I only wanted Kirino to win because she made my dick hard and the incest thing was hot. Kuroneko was too pure for her world, she needed a happy end.

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