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ITT those who knew the truth laugh at those who thought Lelouch was dead and make more predictions that will come true in R3
>Kallen will remain obsessed with Lulu and Ginoboys will have strokes every episode
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When are the mobies coming out?
this design > all other lellouch designs
Too bad it was wasted on some garbage

WTF how is this allowed on tv?
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Go away.
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its japan nigga

I aint gotta explain shit
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Princess Mononoke turns 20 today
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When Ghibli was good
When Miyazaki was good
When anime was good

The world has still not recovered from the one-two punch of this and Spirited Away
Miyazaki is boring and most 80s and 90s anime was garbage. Spirited Away had solid animation and music but the story was inane.

Now, go away and never come back.
Hot opinion mate

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Anime of the Season confirmed
Prove me wrong
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Best dance teacher ever.
>Remake a 20 year old children's cartoon
>Broadcast it after midnight
What did they mean by this?

Anyway it was alright, but little boy cartoons < little girl cartoons.
There is probably a good amount of people who have nostalgia for the series. I certainly enjoyed watching it back in the day alongside Slayers and Rune Explorers.

Watch out for Athena
The public enemy of Neo-Venezia #1
She is the woman responsible for...

Messing up Alice's autism games
Becoming prima before Akira
Toying with Alice's emotions
Being a lazy cunt
Lying about her having amnesia
Messing with President Aria
Playing with garbage to mess with President Aria
Being in Orange Planet
Being black
Not showing up to swim with her friends and kouhai on the island
Giving unallowed double promotion to Alice
Forcing Alice to sing
Being rude to Aika when her hair caught fire
Quitting undine to become an opera slut
Taking 2 seasons to reconcile her feelings with Alice
Being one of the 3 Great Faeries just because she could sing
Asking Alicia for marshmallows in her cocoa
Forcibly taking President Maa from where Alice hid him
Making Alice cry
Taking Alice's loneliness for granted
Blackmailing Hal Films into skipping the Marriage of the Sea chapter
The making of Avveniere
Making both of her seiyuus die
Causing the slow scanlation of Amanchuu
Making DeadFish only batches available
Encouraging /u/ shitposting in Aria threads

Her ultimate goal is to kill Aria.
However, you can stop her. Spread this list!
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omoshiroi na hanashi da yo aria-sacchou
hahi > dekkai > kinshi

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According to the statistics
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>the statistics
Who's statistics?
my feel
I would replace Zaregoto and Fate/Extra with two other shows Ef and maybe Nisekoi. As much as I love Zaregoto, that shit's taking way too long to complete. The opening Cobalt World is great, but everything else just feels so lazy. And Fate/Extra's not even out yet.

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What the fuck? Why am I crying?
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Because you're a wimp. It's not even sad you loser.
Forced tears.
cuz ur gay lol

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>protag-kun is a "failure"
>its because his chakra-magic-midiclorian levels are too high

literally the anime version of "i only failed my classes because i was too smart"
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>Protag is bullied because whatever the fuck he specializes in is considered shit but is actually overpowered
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>Protag gets put in the "failure" section of the school because he's not good at one thing despite being the most powerful character in existence
As opposed to? You respected Bestselling Mangakas...

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Catacomb no Something and Jack.jpg
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So was this series just some big ole' prank?

Has you decided on whether or not you liked it?
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*Have you*
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This show's only a year old and it's already starting to feel like a distant memory.
I liked it, it was fun making OC and shitposting with /a/, but it wasn't really that great or memorable.
Lovepon was the best girl, I'm glad she found a successful 20 something husbano to take care of her.
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>was this series just some big ole' prank?
Yes, retard. It's a comedy show.

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In this torrent of constant comings and goings...
There's no time to say hi.
An idle's life is very busy.
No time to hesitate or pause at all,
Recklessly giving my all.
Activities go by at a high speed.
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Cat is the cutest.
Have they finally stopped pretending Mahiru is a character in Stars? Her personality is even flatter than Roller's chest.
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That is a really funny way to spell sheep.

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de geso~
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I want to fuck that squid
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i'd guess, oh, five-thirty.

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What is she saying?
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gas the kikes
race war now
ur a faget
>draw me like one of your french girls

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The Big O.jpg
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Sub purists stay the fuck out.
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None of them. Dubs are for brainlets who can't read.
Pic unrelated
The reason dubs suck isn't because of the change in language, it's because the English voice actors have zero interest in the material and don't put in any effort, which is why the only people who like them unironically are also people who can't put in any effort

Why is this so fucking wonderful?

Goddamnit, I should've watched it with you guys while it was airing. I thought everyone was just memeing
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you should have known
Tooru is cute.
I want to marry the cake.

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After years to cool down how do you guys feel about this ?
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kirino a shit
>now the dust has settled
still mad tbqhfamalamdingdong

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