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What episode did you guys drop this on? It was 3 for me.
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If you pick it back up, just skip 3-5. That arc is garbage
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I dropped it at this exact moment.
I think it was around 10-11. In retrospect I'm amazed I made it that far.

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>It's [the current year]
>We still don't have an anime about desperate carnivorous christmas cakes on the prowl
Why can't Japan give us nice things?
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Eager anticipation and a positive outlook for the future
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2018 will be the year of OLs and cakes.
Because 2017 is the YEAR OF THE LINUX DESKTOP.

Wait for

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Pariston Hill
Paris Hillton
what does it mean?
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New York City
Yorknew City
what does it mean?
What does it mean?

Seems we are getting somewhere

Is there 1 (one) anime character more /fa/ than Araragi Koyomi? Homosexual jojoposters stay out.
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I never noticed, probably because I am not a fag who looks at male characters more than necessary.
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Why is Sagiri so fucking tall?
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My dick streched her taller.
Too much cummie wummies
I like how her hair fades to pink. I wonder what it smells like.

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Why is she so perfect?

She's going to turn out to be evil, isn't she?
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I hope so, will probably be the final piece to push our hero to the limit.
what manga anon. I'm not psychic.

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This episode looks perfect! It couldn't look any more perfect!
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Shark was padding?
The Blitz backstory is the best thing there and even then it'll probably kept short in favor of moeblob-chan and her retarded creator.
Takarada joining the other creators is nice too, but I wanna know what the fuck Alice is trying to do now.
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Is he looking for a couch with Hime?

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thay dress him up like hes part of antifa and he talks like an american wamies house is in britan wtf is an lunderener acent that hard
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Lurk for at least 2 years before posting.
>When asked about L's ethnicity, Ohba responded saying "I think of him as a quarter Japanese, a quarter English, a quarter Russian, a quarter French or Italian, like that".

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>Chapter 165: The Hanayama Style's Concern
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>Musashi: No need.
>M: The circumstances are such that...
>M: It has been passed to you.
>M: I cannot take it.
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>Hanayama: I'm giving it to you.
>Kozaki: Don't underestimate that samurai!
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Battle Royale anime when?
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Never hopefully
Just read the book.
I did. I just feel a modern remake would be able to make it better.

ITT: anime that shouldn't exist
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Watching it with /a/ was great.
code geass R3
Actually every anime shouldn't exist.

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One day I'll get out of /a/ and move to a nice city full of people that understand me!
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/a/ completely understands you, that's why you get treated like garbage.
People will hate you there too
Pretty sure you're going to meet a couple tractors first.

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Admit it.
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no, bulges are for fags
I wish she had her own OVA
the only good part of a mediocre hentai but the VN is apparently way better
Did it get a translation?

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Guys, help me out. I have the strong desire to talk about idolmaster idols with you guys.

I will start with the flattest idol known to man, Chihaya.
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Honkers or Nico
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those aren't idolmasters
Umi or Nico

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