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Will the Caesar bullying ever end?
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>300 million plus bounty
>One of the most potentially broken devil fruits ever, can asphyxiate anyone or silently poison them with carbon monoxide
>Treated this unfairly
Poor guy.
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Stussy is a qt.
I dont get how he was hyped to be a super Magellon, as well as being a genius scientist. But now all of a sudden he's allergic to using his powers aside from flying only on the x-axis.

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>Has the whole fucking crew do her bidding cuz she has a fucking vagina (classic pussy pass)
>has done jack shit and even was a fucking dick,but still expects those people to fight to death
>Fuck this useless whore

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Also this fucking bitch cant even fucking scream properly. Every time she needed to be heard she couldn't fucking speak louder then a caterpillar
I would agree until dressrosa came along. It's almost identical except three times as long.
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i prefer Rebecca

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>you could get arrested because your shop doesn't sell products that accommodate a minority species
That is insane.
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Guess which country this chinese comic is making fun of

That's where it takes place.
More like sanctioned. I bet the company is publicly subsidized to provide minority species products. Noncompliance means their store has committed fraud.

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My wife Chino is so cute.
Left then right, then both at the same time.

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ITT anime cliches that you hate.

>he is more powerful than me because im a [insert super powerful race] and he is mixed with normal humans.
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I don't think I've seen that very often, or at all.
Are you sure that's a cliche?
Pick a random story with angels, demons, vampires, dragons or anything of the sort. Chances are someone is a halfbreed and is stupidly powerful compared to purebloods.
>Chances are someone is a halfbreed and is stupidly powerful
Not the same thing.
OP is specifically talking about the point of view of the pureblooded [fantasyrace].

It's out.
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Welp, that was pretty edgy.
Well it's over.

How does the author plan on out-edging the next chapter after this?
Black cocks with cucks sitting down and machine gun execution.

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What I want
What the author wants obviously. Art is about self-expression.
>Manga-ka follows what the fans want
>Focus on other characters
>Destroy what made the series great in the first place

The answer is obvious, the manga-ka should stuck with their vision since the fans will always swoon over the bustiest, safest, wish-fulfillment characters and storyline.

If fans had their way, K-on would be about mio, and she would be in various states on undress all the time.

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Chapter 260 korean scans came out early.

Will dump, hopefully a koreanbro will pass by and translate.
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Question: do you actually buy Funko figures?
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It's ugly and disgusting. Only casual game/anime fans actually buy this crap instead of actual figurines.
yeah, their artstyle is so hilariously bad.
I bet people only buy them for the irony
No, only psuedo-nerds who think that buying a piece of pop culture makes them look cool do that.

Shows that showed a lot of promise early and then suddenly shit the bed.

Pic related for me.
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I would like to show
Cut open my skull
Look into my head

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>series begins with mc meeting a mysterious girl
>1st episode/opening arc ends with them suddenly becoming a transfer student
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>first girl that appears wins the MCbowl
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>Sexualized depictions of children
>fathers are always working or overseas

Japan didn't care of their breed

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Do you like scars /a/?
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Better than open wounds.
Go for it

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Anime soon.

Also 57-59 are out.
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At the end she basically confess to him. Again. I wonder when he will realize that.
The waterslide thing you mean?

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Well that was a waste of everyone's time.
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I disagree.
You're too young to appreciate it.
i dropped this after 2 episodes what happens

I can handle everything else in the series but I absolutely can't handle Nunally crying on top of Lelouch like this how do I repair my heart
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>how do I repair my heart
Watch S3?
Yeah but what do I do in the 16 years before it comes out
Read a few LelouchXNunally doujinshi.

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