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So, was it rape?
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He fingered her. They even showed it in the uncensored version
Yes but she keeps saying stop. Seems like there isn't much consent especially considering the slap after the second time. Rape really is how you say hello in Japan?
There's an uncensored version?

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>It's another 'childhood friend loses' episode
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I hope your childhood friend turns you down whenever you confess to her, fuckhead.
Its not funny you fuck.
Do you have PTSD from your childhood friend turning you down


Anno team up with dwango and open an CG studio "Studio Q".
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How many studios does one man need?
He's not even doing any anime related work.
He looks dead inside.
More 14fps CGI animu?


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What exactly is it about Taiga Aisaka that makes her best girl?
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She's a palmtop tiger. A cute palmtop tiger loli.
I guess its the size. I can take her around easily if she is tired.
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You don't know either?

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Your standards must be really low
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She always melts my heart
Autism thread?

Why does this anime trigger fedorafags so much?
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No cute girls, duh.
It does? There's even a fedora tipper on the poster to self-insert into.
Was about to post this.

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How is she so smart? Is there anyone who can beat her?
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what about that madora uchihaya guy
She's literally delusional. All she's good at is taking dick.
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Its a special school after all nigger.
I want to gamble with Yumeko if she'll get pregnant or not if I cum inside her!
>rich and/or powerful people
>not being mentally unhinged

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In this thread, we lament the shows that we enjoyed but you could see flopping from a mile away. Also, shows that you could see would bomb as early as episode 1 or even before that.

Starting with one of the best examples.
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>Also, shows that you could see would bomb as early as episode 1 or even before that.
This show wasn't that bad. Japan still talks about the characters, I'm pretty sure the VN sold really well.
The anime was forgotten quickly, though.

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What do you think of Turkboi?
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Arslan was cuter.
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The anime gotta skip the fuckin boring Rod Orm and go straight to the real thing that make this manga great
Thats what they doing right now
But that caused some negative reception

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Waifus you don't understand.

I just don't get the appeal.
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tight cunny
The personality, hair and clothes you dumb fuck.
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Asuka smirk.jpg
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My initial impression was that normalfags just project their unreciprocated bitchy highschool crush onto this poor wreck of a girl, but after 20 years of shitposting I just don't even know anymore

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>game system
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So, you are autistic and can't drop LNs after picking them up?
You are also retarded and can't read summaries before trying out something that is evidently going to hurt you?

Must suck to be you.
Pretty sure Japan is already weening out authors who try to do this stuff. They themselves are tired of it already. Only those with good premises remain really, or the popular ones.
Is someone holding a gun against your head forcing you to watch them?

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good end.jpg
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When They Cry 3 is only a month away. Are you ready to get back on the ride?
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And translation when?
Wait what. Wasnt it already out for like ages
You confuse the new WTC with Iwaihime or Trianthology.

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Why aren't there more animes where when they see the penis they don't freak out?
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Because dicks are amazing.
Lusty single dragons amazed by human cock

Are you excited?
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Can't wait to drop GL again.
Never even heard of it
Trigger is like ghibli
They only know how to do one anime and they just make it over and over and over

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