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Will CGI ever not look like complete ass?
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Blame! movie is pretty good imo.
The only downside is the retarded fucking fps.
>he didn't watch Fafner
What is Etotama?

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Seems like everyone found out about where Takao & Roka are staying over.
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So, they will move in too?
Doubt the Kazama household has enough spare rooms for anyone else, unless rich boy decides to pay for a house expansion.
So this is when the current arc goes to shit or it gets better?

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Do you remember love, /a/?
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Every time I look at a little girl.
I never had it.
When's the next Macross? It can't end on a misstep like Delta.

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We've discussed at length whether or not Casca enjoyed it.

But what I want to know, is did Griffith enjoy it?
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it wasn't guts, so no.
Why didn't he just rape Guts then?
Exactly what I was going to ask.

I bet he could even get the other apostles to keep Guts erect while he rode his dick.

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Is this anime?

serious question. I know there was a blow-up on another site when it first came out over the question. What did we decide?
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2hu got an anime?
Sure it is.
It sorta did:

Not related to this thread though.

I must be missing something but if he wanted to destroy the earth why didn't he just overload the Altana like he did to other planets
Also wtf happened to this series
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Turned into a generic shounen and miserably failed
>if he wanted to destroy the earth why didn't he just overload the Altana like he did to other planets
He did it in the recent chapters. He just waited because he wanted to be sure to make as much victims as possible
Then why does it occupy all the top spots on MAL?

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ITT post the anime or manga character you desperately want to swap your life with

>pic related
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Yeah, he wins. Ayumu is a fine choice, though.
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>not posting the hottest vampire ninja

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Stop posting shitty American girl, Post a superior British girl.
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Learn to type in English first.
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Better: Superior british girl with inferior stinky jap.
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>British girl
>voiced by a nip
>didn't even get a posh accent in the dub

Diana is F R A U D!

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Your bi-monthly thread for your biceps; are you pumped? Are you ready to see how Machojou's date is developing??

Original Raws:

English Direct:

Let's lifting!
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Chapter 26
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When is he finally going to nut up and confess already?
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In the final chapter.
>they are about to kiss
>"How about we stop here"
>manga ends
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Please post girls making this face and gesture. The general vibe should be something along the lines of 'i am superior to you and laughing at you, and you can't tell because my hand is sufficient to hide my true feelings', however exceptions are made when I feel like it. "No hand up" is a dealbreaker. Don't try and bamboozle me with edited-in hands, i can tell because of the pixels etc. I will mask/crop images as needed, but your help is greatly appreciated.

Keep image submissions high quality. There's no more room (until another 5 years from now when I go for 8K) for girls with their heads cut off, though if the picture is really good I'll consider kicking an old one out to make room. If you can edit the cropped out part back on it's fine, as long as the edit isn't too noticeable.

Once the rest of the gaps are filled in, I'll move on to removing the lowest quality girls for better ones, then making minor adjustments, and finally releasing the completed image in high res lossless. The current image at lossless quality is 12MB at 4K. I plan on releasing a 1.5 x 4K version as well, since it can be magically scaled up without pixellation.

If we don't finish today, search the archive for "Laughing Whores 4K". If you have a contribution and the thread has died, just post your picture in any thread with "smug" written in the message body, even if it's not related to the topic of conversation.

Disclaimer: I reserve the rights to disobey any of the rules because I feel like it. Inclusion of your waifu in this shitty collage does not imply that she is a whore. However, inclusion of someone else's waifu does imply that she is a whore, and you are welcome to laugh at her.
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Now that Fate is popular again, when can we get Carnival Phantasm 2?
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>Carnival Phantasm was 6 years ago
Even if we did, it would literally be nothing but Fateshit, since TM hasn't done anything else.
Unfortunately, neo-Fate fans want everything to be 100% serious all the time. I feel like people don't appreciate TM's great sense of humor sometimes.

Ep 15 Previews:

Time for Kaisar vs Azazel arena fight.
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>characters decide to fly to heaven at the end of 13
>reach there in 15
That's an improvement VS.
I've been waiting for this.
Smiling Gabby is weirding me out.

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>no memory of all the battles spent together
>everyone trying to cuck you constantly by raping her
>hates you
>cant even speak
>is insinuated for still having feelings with guy who "raped" her
>AKA worst enemy

Why is there even a competition between these two? Casca is the worst. Guts needs a new pure waifu.
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did he bust a nut?
>Why is there even a competition between these two?

There isn't, Casca is the obvious choice in a story built on suffering.
Wait, did this happen or was this that one doujin

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What's /a's opinioin about this? Why do you hate it?
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I need friends
Raison d'etre
Because it had potential to be AOTS/AOTY/GOAT but let down by it's shoddy execution. Because Vincent a shit. Because it doesn't deserve Radiohead.

Still a good watch

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