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She's a smart girl.
Card counting is legal.
Is this NGNL without the fanservice

This is an Alien from the moon
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That's called a Lunarian.
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That is incorrect, for you see, they are the mooninites
How do I wife her?

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I'm kinda curious as to which character both in anime and manga you hate the most?

As for myself, the one person I've grown to hate more than anything and yet the one I find the most interesting, is...
>Bertolt Hoover from AoT/SNK

While in the beginning, he seemed like Reiner's timid sidekick, never saying much, never doing much and like Annie, appearing like a Lone Wolf - when his cover was blown you found this psycho side of him, completely devoid of compassion and remorse.
>awesome acting skills, Bertie

I grew to hate him even more after finishing the manga series, realizing he honestly didn't believe in taking responsibility for his own actions, it just wasn't his fault according to himself.

Reiner was at the very least more human than Bertolt ever would be. He was torn in half because of his mixed feelings, conflicted between his two roles as a warrior and soldier.

But I like how Bertolt appears as the weak one and Reiner the strong, when it's completely the other way around.
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I didn't read the manga but I pitied him the most after the revelation.
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>inb4 butthurt fags complain about MANKOTO

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>You can't make an anime comprised solely out of reaction imag-
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finished for you, don't forget to finish typing before you post anon
You mean every comedy anime?
You can make an anime comprised solely out of sexy dick sucking lips

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Why do old men make the best loli?
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but how can an old man be a loli
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Reborn as a little girl V2.png
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looks like this is the perfect place to drop this.
By ingesting too much anime is my plan

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Literally not fucked.png
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These threads repeat themselves endlessly, just like SNK
>Also Eren's dying a virgin
>Also an image not made for Ants
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>I die to show Zeke is bad
Judgin from the last chapter, is Zeke planning something other than following Marley's order?
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Oh my lovely husband. Make me a mummy.

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meme girl of the season
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>those cheeks

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Why is the second love interest so often the best one?
and why do they always lose to the boring first one?
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Megumin is the first love interest, I think you meant "first girl".
I think writers wants to let them free, so the viewers will not get cucked
It's impressive how many people who have missed this.

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The MC of your last watched anime has to defeat Shingo and his EG6 in a gummu teipu deafmachu (gum tape death match) where your hand is taped to the wheel and you can only drive with his hand.
How fucked are they?
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i saw that episode yesterday
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I guess this was a good time to rewatch initial d after all
I think Dandy could do it

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Waiting for BDs.webm
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>BDs ship in 2 weeks
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this snuck up on me
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>4K blurays
cant wait

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What was inside the egg?
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the angel

I've been enjoying this show way too much. Zero no Tsukaima thread I guess
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I wanna live
Louise is unfairly cute.
how much did you watch?

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Would you like to have him as your teacher?
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>octopus from 4\10 show
Okotowari shimasu.
Eeh, no
Too freaky to be around, especially when you consider what he would look like outside of an animated show.
>puts look in front of his good teaching and motivation skills

simple minded pleb

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sakura saber.png
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/a/ has no taste
You'd have better discussions in /alter/

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Is this the ideal JC design?
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I think she's a bit plain in official art, but pixiv really does her justice.
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>granny hair
>Ideal JC


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