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Wow, bald could kill bears with these hips.
Is it official?
Fairy is such a skeleton. Also:
>Animal printed underwear
Bald looks so silly and sexy at the same time

I want him to choke me with his thighs

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And why they are doing this. You can use examples from your country (but try to translate any non Jap and anon Eng text to Eng).
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Translator probably wrote skinship and the editor changed it since westerners have no idea what that word means.
Or they didn't get the joke and just bullshitted it.
Or the panel before made the point redundant.

I'm sure there was some reason and it didn't particularly effect the sales of the official translation since you wouldn't be buying the official release anyways, so why complain?
Jesus, that's pretty gross.

I mean, it's entirely possible that that's a correct interpretative translation, but I don't know the manga.
You cant translate everything literally, it ruins the flow of the conversation because its not possible to translate 1:1 from jap to anything. Same rule applies to most languages. Stuff needs to be changed so the conversation feels smooth on english.

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Guru Guru is the most wholesome show of the season.
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Kukuri is the waifu of the season
Is this a remake/sequel of a very old show? I remember watching it as a kid.
Rushing the manga in 13 episodes.

These are your Envy, Gluttony and Lust for tonight.
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>Lust isn't 10/10
Lust was never 10/10
She really should be though. Seeing how she is the physical embodiment of lust

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Post descriptions of your anime characters and I'll try to draw them. They can be imaginary, your OC or an already invented character, if it it your OC include his/her/it's name.
No NSFW content.
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_ __ ______ ___
Tanya from Youjo Senki in the outfit of Cure Black from Futari wa Pretty Cure
Reimu Hakurei drinking sake alongside with tanned Cirno, who is drinking whiskey. Both from 2hu.

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The last thread didn't last long... with Saki leaks and blog post from Ritz.

Oh well, time for a tanoshii dump.

Yukiko > Kinue > Mairu > FunaQ
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pleasant smalltalk between cousins.
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Usuzan's flashback.

Sawaya is a slut.
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Maya needs to rearrange her tits.

Naruka is sleeping as always

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This is the character known as "CC"
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Who happens to be a cock gobbler
The girl known as Kallen is better
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now this is where you're wrong.

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If only she wasn't stuck in that show.
Spin off when?
doujins when?
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Damn she's cute.

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Spoiler out a day early.
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Final fantasy joins the isekai train

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Final Fantasy has been isekai since Tactics Advance.
We need an anime about a bunch of isekai'd people teaming up to build trucks in a fantasy world in order to get back to earth.
Marche is already the best Isekai MC.

Are you still angry with Homura because of the Rebellion Movie?
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I don't watch edgy shit sorry.
It was an unfortunate thing for her to do but it was inevitable because we live in a deterministic universe
Go back to your moeblobs and isekai garbage.

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It's netorare, but is it really netorare?
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It's like reverse Rape, even though labeled different the same thing.
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Reverse rape has a completely different tone 99.99% of the time. They don't mean the same thing at all.

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How do you remember her?
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Do you think this anime would have gone over better if the ep were aired in chronological order? Might have made it a bit less wtf that's for sure.
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I can't even remember her name.

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Prove her wrong
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Homosexuality is a mental illness.
>>/u/ will prove her wrong
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Has an episode ever been so poorly written that it made you hate the entire series?

Pic very much related.
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Fuck off with your shitty taste, retard.
Is this what a contrarian looks like?
I was loving this show up until this episode.

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