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How fucked is Kazuya's brain after losing this hand? Is this the beginning of the landslide that he can no longer trust his judgement? Is this the hand that starts the landslide for Kaiji to grasp momentum and win the gamble?
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God dammit, whenever Kaiji tells Kazuya off it is so satisfying

I can't help but to feel that Kaiji's words right there will prompt Kazuya to bet his red life because he is obsessed with understanding human nature and he needs to know what it's like.
It's very clear this gamble is going to end with Kazuya gambling his red life. Also I'm pretty sure the raws have confirmed he did.

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>watched less than 300 series
"anime has always been bad!"
>watched more than 300 series
"anime has always been good."
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>watched exactly 300 series
"OP is a faggot."
got em
300 series is just 3 years of modern anime. Don't get full of yourself, kid. Real power level is over 9000.

You should watch Reimu's anime.
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>covering her armpits
>having a twin that's a palleteswap of Reimu
>taking off her hat
Gonna be my rehab animu of of the season.

Why would a shielder need breasts like that?
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Because she's supposed to be attractive.
Why would make this thread. How bput you quit jackin off to your animes and go outside and give some handshakes. Unless of course you enjoy drinking your virgin tea everyday. Also make sure to type sage in the option bar guys
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>Why would a shielder need breasts like that?

Dumb and worthless girls need big boobs to attract males.

This is the ideal female body
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Uh, no
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This is
>virgin taste

>People say Haruhi is the one true god
>Not Dandy

Whats wrong with you people?
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Dandy said no to becoming god did you even watch the show?
did anyone other than me realize that this show just isn't really funny at all?

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give me one reason why you would oppose yukari laws

we need to make this reality
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Because no one should be stuck with (You) no matter the compability. Think of the other person, Anon.
Don't get fooled by anime. Kind and pretty girls like those two don't exist in real life. The ones that are beautiful don't want to get paired with a retard, which is the /a/verage here. The rest are tumblrinas.
are you telling me real girls aren't nice and perfect like in anime?

that makes me feel a little better about being a 26 year old khhv neet

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3 episodes in and I haven't got a flying fuck what the plot is beyond rebels vs empire or why all the rebels seem to be at each others throats
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46 left
They better explain this shit, I'm liking it and I'm being patient expecting the answers to come so they better fucking come
Wing is one of the worse Gundam.

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your future anime faggots.jpg
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commit bukkake
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i'd bukkake you

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Seto in rain.png
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Is Seto Kaiba the very definition of an Alpha Male?
>rich as fuck
>owns the most powerful and advance corporation in the world
>top-tier sense of fashion
>not a manlet
>man of science and technology
>certified genius
>known to have superhuman atlethicism and skills
>good looking
>has a customized Blue Eyes White Dragon private jet
Not to mention with KaibaCorp's power, influence, and technology. Kaiba could even run every country's government and turn them into puppets if he actually wanted to.
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shame about the autism
>Kaiba could even run every country's government and turn them into puppets

Didn't DIva imply that he was already doing that in the movie?
>be the man who will move humanity to the next level
>waste all resources to make a kid's card game
This is why rich families needs at least two offspring or an illegitimate one.

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Why does she wear the mask?
No really why
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to protect herself from the gas that that other guy was releasing
She's a big girl
For you

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Kumiko is the cutest KyoAni.
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What would her hair smell like?
She's not even the cutest in her own show

I can't wait to see her again.

Gosh damn I haven't seen a romance anime with such a satisfying ending for a long ass time!! Now Im just here left with post anime depression.
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It wasn't really that satisfying, we didn't get to see an implied nervous sex scene, them reuniting.

Just a super corny ending and flash forward to a still image.
yeah pretty sure everyone agrees it's great
>end on a bittersweet note
>throw in some drawings at the end showing how the relationship didn't end after all and was actually miraculously perfect
People were satisfied with that ending? It felt like an annoying bait-and-switch to me. Like they were heading to full blown bittersweet ending loaded with uncertainty, and then they pussied out when someone in the office said "won't this piss people off?" and so they threw all those ending cards in to save face.

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Tall girls are automatically the best girls. Take fate for example


The top waifus of fate


Womanlets who are only liked by disgusting neets of no taste. Usually used up sluts as well
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i agree, tall girls are best
They're Chiclets not womanlets.
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Fuck off with your gay

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Any torrent for the mega folder?
Here's SEB
you should be able to find the albums you want if you look hard enough.
if you want Touhou Eurobeat for whatever reason I can give that too (including the most recent one which isn't on the IDW site)

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