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How is this allowed in Japanese schools?
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Gotta get that birth rate up somehow.
If I didn't know it is a meme, I would take it as truth by now...

Are girls really this weak?
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me on the right
I think Japanese people in general are weak. In every anime when a character gets a cold or the flu they look like they're fucking dying
But these girls are French.

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Who is the best trap?
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I like brown trap
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Could Arcuied beat Shinobu in a fair 1v1 fight?

How would Ragi and Shiki react?
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No. If Kurapika uses his Nen chains on anybody except the Phantom Troupe, he dies.
Shinobu, yes. Kiss-shot, no.
probably not as Arcuied is 30% TYPE

100% Arcuied as in TYPE EARTH would kill anything that isnt capable of destroying the planet

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Do any sports anime come remotely close to this?
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Tiger Mask W was pretty good
I haven't seen Joe but I heard it's more of a drama with sports rather than a true sports manga. Is that true?
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What is she holding?
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A save button.
A whole 2.3MB of it!

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Is Togashi a genius?
lol great pic op

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Dumping ch73
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ITT: Characters with a cancerous fanbase that ruins their respective shows
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(Un?)surprisingly, at least here on /a/ a lot of Sataniafags are also Nenefags.
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>The only funny thing in the show is somehow the worst part
I dont get it, how could ones taste be so bad?

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Why does that one guy's sandwich look so weird?
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I miss the comfiness of original generation but SM is doing pretty fine on that itself. Also Mao is my lolifu.
Don't be silly, anon. That's a Japanese-style donut, not a sandwich.
The things I would do to this little brown slut.

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THIS is the best gal. Just TRY and prove me wrong, tanned whores with abhorrent piercings need not apply.
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Gal Gohan
She's literally retarded though. She's trying her best, yet Home Economics is the only class she can pass.

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The only good one is Kaiji.
nice stealth rec thread newfriend
How does this anime compare to Kaiji?

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>Boy has flashbacks of his dead father's memories
I feel weird , can you fall in love with your mom /a/?
inb4 he blinds himself
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How long before he sees himself as his dad fucking his mother?
Not worth picking up from what I hear. Endless teasing
Hopefully soon
How the fuck is it not worth picking up when it's not even 2 chapters.

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Her seiyuu (Miyu Mifune of 346Pro) cosplaying as Urara.
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Not bad for a virgin, Chiya. You can pay me tomorrow.
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>Evafags will defend this
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kaji should have claimed shinji right there so shinji could be a full faggot instead of half-assing it
Proving once again that the rebuilds are for fags
No, I'm not going to defend the rebuilds. Everyone knows that Kaji is a hotblooded hetero male and the coolest guy in the show.

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