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Will Ikuhara ever be able to top Utena?
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Yes, considering he already did.
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>implying he hasn't already
Probably not but it's nice to see him try

How do we fix the set up chapters problem?
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hackposter flowchart.jpg
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In b4
Kill the anon that posts "Nothing happened: The Chapter"
if you think set up chapters are a problem I really hope you will never write a story in your life

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Boruto vs Nue.webm
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Episode 14 and Chapter 14 out this week.
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At least you started the thread correctly but people will be bitching at you for the oversaturation of threads this week.
Great animation. I hope Boruto's fighting style remains like this.

And there goes the budget for the season

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Are tomboys for marriage?
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Dont you mean tomgirls?

Yes, yes they are
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Tomonori won the Ayumu bowl actually.

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Madman Edition
Who will win the succession war and why is it Benjamin ?
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Is Togashi deconstructing the straight MC trope by making Gon x Killua canon?
man, the story is a mess
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What will happen to this guy after the princes battle, hui?

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How deep is the sadness in your heart that, for the first time since the Summer of 2012, there is no Prisma Illya season during the summer?

Summer 2012 harkens back to shows such as Hyouka, Humanity has Declined, and Kokoro Connect. Distant are the memories of such a time, the details of such an era fading into our hearts.

Prisma Illya has been with us for a long time. Have you become reliant upon its presence? Is there any corner of your heart - even if only a remote one you rarely tread upon - which feels lost without it?
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I want to caress that belly.
I always preferred the manga to the anime anyway so I don't care if I wait 1 year for another season.
Wait there were 4 seasons of that shitty pedobait?
4 seasons and a movie.

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>[HorribleSubs] Made in Abyss - 01 [1080p].mkv

Where were you when HorribleSubs decided to save us from amazon?
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HIDIVE or Amazon subs?
This shit looks rad how is it
ep1 was super boring

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Who's going to watch this?
It's being simulcasted on Amazon Prime, I hope someone rips the subbed file.
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>Episode 1 already aired about 1 hour
>Still nothing on Amazon
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Raws out, still waiting for subs.

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I will, but Umaru will have to pay for those with her body.
Wait till October nug.
>paying for geimu and jumpu
Someone kick her kickable face, please?

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beginning of suffering.webm
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my my, that last thread was a real cluster fuck. Let's all be civilized and have a nice and gentle thread this time.
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The music is really good.
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Best dad
What's going on in terms of subs?

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The drive to be the best footballer. New OP and ED next episode.
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Ashido Mina.png
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>Mina will never put your head between her healthy thighs and force you to service her pussy with your tongue

Why live
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>You will never get to have a wholesome, loving relationship with any of the 1-A girls (and Kendo)
Why haven't I killed myself yet?
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I want to have geschlechtsverkehr with ochako.

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The wife gives birth and after running into the ex boyfriend not madarame feels insecure so what's an insecure husband to do....? Why get drunk and have an affair with your Not Hato of course![?spoiler]
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Wife still in hospital so let's give you a quick tour of the house and my totally gay intentions
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After some whinging and more insecurity as to why my wife is with me and just had my kid I still want this gay affair. This is Not Hato's one in a million so Not Hato came to win
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Oh Shiiiiiiiiiii this is really going down!?

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Guys I found Gowasus account https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6QYe-U8i70
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I want to kiss him

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When will Annie return?
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Never, she stinks
REMOVE ANNIE remove annie you are worst shifter. you are the annie idiot you are the annie smell. return to paradis. to our paradis cousins you may come our marley. you may live in the crystal_.ahahahaha ,wall we will never forgeve you. Smelly welly FUck but fuck asshole annie stink wall sqhipere shqipare..annie genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead annie..ahahahahahWALL WE WILLGET YOU!! do not forget titan war . eldia we kill the king , eldia_ return to your precious wall_.hahahahaha idiot annie and bert smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE ANNIE FROMTHE PREMISES. you will get caught. CT+ackerman+historia+cho=kill annie_you will curse of ymir/ tupac alive in marley, tupac making album of marley . fast rap tupac marley. we are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of tupac_ you are ppoor stink annie_ you live in a frat house hahahaha, you live in a crystal

tupac alive numbr one #1 in marley _.fuck the paradis ,..FUCKk ashol annie no good i spit_ in the mouth eye of ur crystal and friends. 2pac aliv and real strong ackerman kill all the annie farm aminal with rap magic now we marley rule .ape of the zoo presidant zeke fukc the great satan and lay egg this egg hatch and annie was born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our FT we will crush u lik a skull of pig. mikasa greates shingeki
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Happy birthday card game jesus
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Episode 9: 追い求めてきた敵 – Oimotometekita Teki
(The Sought-After Enemy)
In order to obtain the program that removes the virus that infected Aoi, Yusaku commences a Duel against Revolver, with Ai, who is also known as Ignis, as a wager. Using the Link Monsters he obtained in his previous Duels, Playmaker was able to destroy Revolver’s Cracking Dragon. However, the back-and-forth Duel between them takes a new turn as Revolver activates a shocking Skill!

Script: Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: Sunaga Tsukasa
Direction: Mikamoto Yasumi
Animation Director(s): Satou Mizuki , Hasegawa Issei

Episode 10 : 衝撃!サイバース消失 – Shōgeki! Saibāsu Shōshitsu
(Clash! Cyberse’s Extermination)
After activating a powerful Skill and obtaining overwhelming power, Revolver launches a brutal assault and puts Playmaker on the defensive. Playmaker then uses Storm Access to obtain a card in order to turn things around. However, due to Revolver’s tactics, the stage of their battle has moved to the inside of the Data Storm…

Script: Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: Sunaga Tsukasa
Direction: Mutou Kimiharu
Animation Director(s): Kawamura Yuya, Ushiro Yuki

Episode 11: 轟く弾倉 ヴァレルロード – Todoroku Dansō Varerurōdo
(The Roaring Gun Barrel – Varrel Load)

Script: Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: Eran
Direction: Kamihara Toshiaki
Animation Director(s): Okano Yukio, Tamura Yasuho, Toyoda Akiko.

Episode 12: 鉄壁の守護竜ファイアウォール - Teppeki no Shugoryū Faiawōru
(The Iron-Clad Guardian Dragon – Firewall)

Script: Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: Takada Masahiro
Direction: Takada Masahiro
Animation Director(s): Yokota Akemi

Episode 13: 激闘の記録 – Gekitō no Kiroku
(Record of the Fierce Battle)

Script: Yoshida Shin
Storyboard: Hosoda Masahiro
Animation Director(s): Ebara Yuko
Is it good?
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Nanomachines Son.jpg
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First for best monster

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