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thats not shimapan you retard
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Disgusting 3.gif
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Off to a great start already
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Who's your favourite loli from anime and manga?
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None, because I'm a well adjusted young gentleman. I have never gotten an erection picking up elementary school girls, never in my life. Not even that one time.
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I like her grown up too, but this one.
She appreciates and listens to her family, tries her very best to make those who love her proud, is the happiest girl in the world, and is undeniably cute!
Vivio is fucking trash, go away.

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Oh no, /a/! Kanna overdosed on chocolate and now her little dragon kidneys are shutting down! How will you save her?
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Mana infusion.
Her kidneys are huge though.
Drink her pee.

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My vote.

I'm really blown away with how both Koi no Katchi and Your name came out within a year of each other and both are highly rated and praised. Makes me hope that maybe anime isn't going to stay a complete shit show.

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Why no threads on this degeneracy? The only thing it has going for it is lewds but those censors could cut diamonds.

>inb4 waiting for the BD
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>Not downloading the uncensored version
All i got was the horrriblesubs version, I didn't bother looking for uncensored yet. Is it worth?
Waiting for the BD, they are probably going to add nipples.

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Please don't be shit like the last season. No more daddy issues and cool villains suddenly jobbing out of nowhere right?
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But getting caught was part of the dolls' master plan
>cool villains
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Dolls are the coolest and most erotic villains.

This guy is gay for the mc right?
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The character design makes it too obvious.
stop watching trashy shows then

This guy can't be worse than Shirou right?
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No reason he can't. Fate has had worse protagonists than Shirou before.
My only problem with Kerry is that he is also an autistic manchild spouting "muh hero of justice" bullshit.
He's a light novel protagonist tier.

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How is pic related? Big fan of the Kaiji and Akagi anime.
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His best work, wish there wasn't a sequel.
Definitely FKMT's magnum opus.
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It might change your life.

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Damn, why don't more animes tackle subjects like this? I could see theatrical influences of Terminator, Matrix, and all sorts of cyberpunk bladerunner themes echoed in this movie. I liked that it didn't have a traditional plot and just threw people into the thick of things. Is AJIN, by the same studio,worth a look?
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Read Ajin instead of watching. A new chapter came out yesterday too.

why read? Is the animation bad quality?

Slice of life high school shows are kind of dead, huh?
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Are they?
Only fifteen years past the point they should've died off too. If there's even a single person left on this planet who wants a high school romcom with a tsundere love interest I'll fucking murder them.
I'm afraid you're going to be very busy.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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samefish poster.jpg
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Just started this. Was loving it and then I saw episode 6...

seemed like it was off the wall. Boxing a kangaroo ?

Is that going to be typical in this show? How should I approach this show to better enjoy it.
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Those are Nanami episodes. Kick back and relax. They only get crazier and stupider as time goes on. They're spaced out about nine or ten episodes each and unfortunately one is a clip show. All the same it's best you embrace the Nanami.
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Nanami episodes:
Episode 6 - Boxing kangaroo
Episode 8 - Some Curry shit
Episode 16 - The ultimate Nanami episode
Episode 24 - Clip show
Episode 27 - Eggs are involved

Generally people Either love or hate Nanami episodes, I'm in the love them Camp, and I do mean camp.
Me on the left

It's kind of ironic. Everyone, both on /a/ and within Flip Flappers itself, thinks that the ~40 year old Dr. Salt is the epitome of all things cool and manly. Much of the fanbase was disappointed when they learned that Salt wasn't cool or badass when he was a child, and Sayuri might lose her fangirl crush altogether if she knew what he was like at 11 or 12 years old.
But Salt himself... the cool, composed, mature man we all know...
... he might miss that little boy.
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>uch of the fanbase was disappointed when they learned that Salt wasn't cool or badass when he was a child
Never happened. A lot of people liked shota Salt.
>Deep thoughts about Flip Flappers
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Such a deep anime

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post shows w/ good dubs

pic related
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> dubs
That should be a bannable offense.
Fuck off.
Very original can't wait to see the same 10 toonami garbage people watched when they were toddlers.

Post below me will be ''cowboy bepop''

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