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This is a lich.
She is undead.
She has had her growth stunted.
She has no voice.
Do you like this little lich?
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She speaks at the end. fuck off dweeb
Reminder that being a techno-lich is the reason Constanze has not aged since her soul was removed from her body.
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Do people actually believe this edgy bullshit? I thought it was obvious that yoshinari pulled it out of his ass

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Season 3 announcement soon.
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Heil Misaka!

I want to sexually fuck Hina

Also episode 3 in a few hours.
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I want to logically fuck Nina
Is this a daytime show?

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If Josefumi took two of the supposed three Rokakaka branches, then what is this dog eating?
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The trees are not a fact, they are the truth...
Let's discuss Giorno
2nd for I LOVE KIRA

She better not die or I'm gonna break something.
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>new OP
>new ED
>no Amira in sight
Kaisar better end up with this zombie.
Will he ever be redeemed?

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all top tier waifu material, but i've personally leaned towards ukyo
>hard working
>good cook
>relatively nice
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For waifu: Shampoo
for fucking: Ranma.
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Except for Akane they're all pretty good.

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Episode is already out and this:
> Reminds me of Undertake
> Not Megaman Legends.
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Why on earth are they reminded of that game and not this game?
Nice going with the role playing OP, where's the rest?
So we will reach until the end of volume five with this pacing, right?

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evil eri.png
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despairposting time!
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why have threads when there is absolutely nothing to discuss
for the memes anon. It's not like our time could be spent doing more valuable things, if it could we wouldn't be here

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Eren in season 3:
>Kidnapped (again)
>tortured in an erotic way
>many, many autistics faces
>receive punches from all the midgets in the series

Will Eren be the best meme character in 2018?
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BTFO Mrs Smith, Mrs Braun is in town
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Eren is a beautiful memeboy

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Is anyone actually buying the yenpress releases of oberlord?

Or did everyone drop it after Skythewood decided to stop translating after volume 9?
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Maruyama is obsessed with fruits now and he's also watching Made in Abyss.
Ainz conquering other realms when?
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Did lupus ever come out of Exile?
FBI-kun, please. Even Google knows about our super secret new clubhouse

What will they say to each other?
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Is Togashi deconstructing the straight MC trope by making Gon x Killua canon?
>recent influx of greed Island apologists
>"Let's just forget about this whole clown fiesta and party, eh?"

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Literally the only redeeming part of this show was satania.
Prove me wrong
Protip: you cant [/spoiler}
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Vigne exists as well

but I guess you were at least half right
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Dumb Sataniaposter
Literally who?

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How do I get no muscles like cabba san
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wakey wakey

>tfw Kale will never be your wife
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Get lost

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Goku vs Universe 9.png
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On the next episode of Dragon Ball Super...
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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>Leave Toppo to me!

Why are Steppe waifus the best girls around?
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Let's let KyoAni adapt the series.
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>meme company
anon, I...
I'd rather kill myself instead

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