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How much muscle is too much muscle?
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We just had this thread
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This is my personal limit.
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When her individual muscles are bigger than cars

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>tfw no more furries
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What did he mean by this?
Good thread
Someone make a webm of that deletion

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in nanoda we trust

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Why is Neptune so perfect? I would not change a single thing about her.
Another pic of Neptune.
Something is wrong here.

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All hail Jiren the Grayy.
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in b4 that guy posts that webm of the animation and goku is beautiful thing
You think he'll actually throw a punch this episode?
Or do something other than move his neck a little?

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>10 days until the new chapter

Any expectations?
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I'm not the only thing you should be aware of...

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How do we fix Isekai?
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Removing all the RPG elements would be a start.
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We get a mecha autist for a protagonist.

MC should be an adult
While the world can be base on video game in the real world, its should not work like a video game
The MC should engage in romantic activities normally and not collected a harem while never pursuing any of its members.
What else?

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>tfw your only son breaks all his bones just so he can impress some hillbilly country girl who probably camwhores for money
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shut the fuck up you disgusting fujoshit
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When are we going to get more All Might x Dekumom fanart?

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You thought you were getting Ryosuke or Sakagami, but it was me, MOEBLOB!
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>faceless male
Is she from a hentai?
>eroge her way to victory

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>Fate/Apoc airing right now
>Prisma Illya movie in August
>HF movie 1 in October
>As soon as Apoc ends in December, Fate/Extra anime will start up
>Fate Grand Order anime confirmed for the future
>More Fate adaptions will most likely happen

Why can no one stop the Fate train? Why is no other franchise able to compete with it? This is hilarious when back in 2009 when DEEN still had the rights to F/SN and butchered everything everyone thought it was dead.

I bet Genon and DEEN will never live down giving up F/SN to Aniplex when they got it when it was a young and new Franchise to only see how Sony has made TM a major asset to them.
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What is there to even expect after Extra?
literally the capeshit of anime
F/SF soon I hope

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I strongly believe the world would be a better place if everyone accepted yuri in their hearts and souls.
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Yuri is fine, but militant /u/ and militant anti-/u/ are some of the worst people on 4chan right now.
Anyone who also unironically enjoys Netsuzou Trap should never be taken seriously either.
Shut up faggot
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What will you do when best girl Ozen appears next episode?
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>what will you do when they rush things at incredible speed
Gee, I dunno
Theyll start descending next chapter, Ozen wont appear until episode 4 proly

I think you're confused anon, episode three isn't the next episode.

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hxh ova ed.png
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This series (1999+OVAs) is a real treasure trove for comfy themes. Post your favorites.
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Yeah 1999 has better OPs, and 2011 is better in every other conceivable aspect.

This is the perfect adventure theme
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I want to stay up all night shitposting with this Canadian Witch!
>you will never get private magic lessons from Diana as she gently holds your hand
Why live?
Yoshinari drew ELF on the top left.

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New Mizukami manga is finally scanlated here:

I don't have time to dump, but here's the chapter in case anyone else wants to.
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Looks good. I'll dump after I finish reading
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Ok I'm gonna start
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