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How did Girls und Panzer even manage?
There were like a dozen recap episodes during it's initial run.
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It was good.
>There were like a dozen recap episodes during it's initial run.
filler because of production delays.
And even in terms of filler, they were still pretty instructional.

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Why /a/?
They're the only ones that actually care about fansubbing.
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What is cartel?
Spanish fansubbers or something?
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This fyurie guy looks like a huge fucking faggot

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Which version of Mature Kira do you like the most?

Zebra? Tiger? Watermelon? All Black?
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why is kira so overrated?
shut up faggot
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Those who shit on Bleach are simply not smart enough to understand how deep it was.
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I would bury my dick so deep in Kubo's ass however read Bleach will think is as deep as Bobobo. Fuck that hack for all the time he made me lose reading that pile of steaming shit
Nah man
If the final arc was about 20-30 chapters longer, it would have been 8/10.

Still better than one piece at least

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New chapter out
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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>159374517
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Requesting Selesia watching TV.
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Requesting Tamotsu and Mayo from Akiba's Trip: The Animation dancing together.
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Can I get Erika in Mashu's.Shielder's Dangerous Beast costume? My other idea includes wearing a wedding dress and at the altar, or in some sort of combat jumpsuit, and as if the armor was based on her tank Tiger II if you want to give her armor as well.

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They are meant to happen, you know it in your heart.

>Saladfags getting BTFO
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So far have we got any meaningful interaction between Boruto and Sarada that could somehow lead to romance?

Not at all actually, its mostly been fighting/bickering between them, barely any good interactions at all.

But my assumption is the Sarada arc may begin after this one.
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No Salad bully pls.

I like both Sumire and Sarada.

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eugenicsposting is a go
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Stop eugenicsposting.
Fuck off. Nobody wants generals here.
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Every now and then, you might feel like you enjoy life for some reason. For all the other times, there's Kaguya.
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You're late Jag I was about to kill myself.

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>Leave the Legitimacy Kingdom to me
>Booboo v5 cover and synopsis
NT19 basically confirmed for October. New Railgun arc and Index manga's OT14 adaptation will begin in the same timeframe.
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>Martini volume
>new Railgun arc
>all within a two month timeframe
Finally read NT18


Also now that the theory about Cornonzoconrhrozon being inside Touma's arm being false what is the consensus of what's there?
The Stooping Dragon but tinkered with

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ITT: Girls that saved their shows.
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pic unrelated
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Episode 1 is going to be streamed in 2 hours:
twitch tv/twitchpresents
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Why are the necks so looooong?
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Better balance
fuck off

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Last thread got 404'd, let's hope this means the end of /snk/ general.
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Simply posting in these generals should warrant you a ban.
What is the Warhammer's power? Will he just have a giant hammer?
This, I'll take the hit if shonenshit gets purged

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Gonna have to wait on Viz, most likely.
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I miss "listen up my nen"
I can't die before I hear this line in english dub
feet or viz, whichever comes first

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>too intelligent too beat Botamo
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Let's band together Gohanbros, we can't let that slut bring us down.
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We're safe, folks.
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

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