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What does this new opening imply about the coming story development?
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That it will be boring as fuck just like the previous 14 episodes.
Aldnoah at least had a fun season 1 unlike this. Aoki is a hack.
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>a fun season 1
You retards sure are a glutton for punishment

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tail x invisible a cute
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Lady building.png
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thoughts on new intro/outro?
That's not Mandalay

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Will this be AOTS once Ozen arrives?
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It's already AOTS.
I bet they'd fuck up her characterization, just like they will probably do to Bonedad


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How do I achieve this godly body /a/?
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Fuck off Semiramis
watch exclusively battle shonen

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RULES OF NATURE edit when?
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Do you fear death, Jack Sparrow?

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why do you hate this beauty so much?
Universe 7 would have been just fine if not for Beerus's incompetence as God of Destruction
My friend wants to watch Z for the first time. Digital remaster or Kai?

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Episode 2
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Sumanai when?
>OP image is not even related for today's episode
Stop replying to this retard you dumbfucks, this attention seeking faggot will immediately make an another Apoc thread again while the previous threads are still in the front page.
boring episode

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I feel like he will fight against the Hammer Titan and that it could be his last fight. How much Eren would cry if Hammer titan kill the manlet?
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First for Based Captain Rico
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smells bad.jpg
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How old is Stussy?
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Is Ichiji the only Vinsmoke who's actually emotionless? The others seem to care about their family.
The mission always comes before emotions.
If I were Judge I would program my minions to have some loyalty. Not necessarily the same as emotion.

Are you ready for family drama?
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did sasuke stopped being a whiny bitch and accepted a new arm already?
he may be the second stongest ninja in the world with only one arm because of eyehax shit, but how the fuck isn't he heavily bothered by that now that he's slowly coming back home?
I'm more ready for the day in the Uzumaki house.
I wish posting naruto threads was an auto-ban

This is a two-thousand-year-old dragon.
Say something nice to her.
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She was nice to have offered Nina and Jeanne a sip of her drink before she had any herself.
This was such a nice, comfy, heartwarming episode.
Gorgeous too.
The super grandma, the fistbump, and the crying scene are probably my favorite moments.

Touken Ranbu Thread
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Hopes for episode 2?
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Angry doggo.
You're saving me from shitty comments at stream. Thank you, guys.

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Episode 2
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*sigh* better enjoy before fuckface sieg ruin it
Saber and her master taking out the trash was the highlight of this episode. And Fran.
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>ywn be Astoflo
>ywn have your body be ravaged for mana.

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The imouto to end all imoutos.
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That's not Mikan.
She's better though.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>159450017
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Requesting Altair being forced into getting a short haircut by the animation staff of Re:Creators.
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Pic 1.jpg
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Requesting any part of this videoclip made Stardust Crusaders related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLLL1KxpYMA
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Advanced 33-4.jpg
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Requesting Mimi Tasogare from Duel Masters giving Mimibro-tan headpats like she were a pet cat on her lap, please!

Thanks if you pick this up!


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