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>the film is still a project, the story is not fixed but we will know more about Victor
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The "they'll never give Victor a background"-fags got BTFO.
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>SayoKubo have just some idea for Yoi's movie, but they promised us we'll learn more about Victor and we'll see female figure skaters more !

Read the meme http://buyfags.moe

Don't ask questions
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If a man can't believe in his own dick what can he believe in?
Never bought a Nendoroid, is there anything I should know before buying one? (Is Venom Snake one good?)
owning them makes you gay

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Trigger Anime MidWest panel thread. Yesterday a panel about Little Witch Academia was held. Today they will hold a panel with some new information on Darling in the FrankXX.

>All the background witches have names and nationalities and mini-backstories now
>Avery is Canadian
>Mary is British
>The AkkoAndrew thing is pretty much fully discarded
>Feel free to do whatever you want about Diakko. Their relationship is hard to define anyway.

Live event in Japan with the OPED singers and Akko's VA:

>Han Megumi's favorite episode was 20
>"Episode 23's Diana scene was a proposal, right?"
>the OPED singers and Megumi want to play with Diana's hair. "She would look cute with twin-tails."
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I'm assuming the source for these is twitter, but can we get some?
My boy Frank is getting his own show? Nice
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From last thread:
>Short hair witch: Name is Abigail and she is from Germany
>Brunette? witch: Name is Rita and she is from Brazil
>Black hair witch: Name is Rachel and she is English

Yuru Yuri Thread
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You have to provide an edgy conversation topic to get it started
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China is my role model.
So you aspire to be a rapist?

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Final 3 confirmed.
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I feel bad for the qts in the other universes. I hope it was painless.
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Defend this
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Why is Z Goku such an asshole?
they're talking about shin btw

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I don't like the OP and the Ending is gay.

But Gran Torino is so cute <3
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First for MineMomo
You legit have shit taste op.
New OP easily has the best song and animation of HeroAcas ops
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I want to fuck ochako.
I want to spray on ochakos breasts.
I want to fill ochakos insides with my semen untill she smells like taiyaki.
I want to fuck ochako in her ass and rub my dick on her buttocks as I spray on her back.
I want to be fucked by ochako.
I want to fuck ochako underwater and press the water in her pussy with my dick.
I want to fuck ochako.

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Four hours until stream.
Four hours and one minute until Maria jobs.
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>Mass murderers being free and living a happy life
They don't deserve it, they need to be purged.
>Nana Midzuki wills another 2 seasons
>Plays the one that gets passed around as the town's bicycle.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Suck it Symphofags!
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DMJii song today?

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Former Etofag here, what are the top ten (10) ways to suicide?

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Kill fellow Etocucks and fujoshits first. Then surrender to cop.
All we're missing now is for Ishida to confirm that Tsukiyama is not gay and for him to do so by knocking up Chie. Only then will the BTFO be truly complete in Tokyo Ghoul.
Touka is fucking beautiful.

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Kakegurui 2nd Episode will start 6am PST

We can watch together http://jp.leopard-raws.org/?stream
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Not on my watch
Subs when?

I think I'm in love.
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her name?
Hand to hand, it is the basis of all combat!

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720p here!

>everyone's complaining about stream
>found good one
is comfy

Just finished watching this, let's have a Yama no Susume thread. Those last few episodes were magical.
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Hinata's smile is the most magical part.
I'm jealous of Aoi's room. Her family must be fucking loaded.
Get read my brother. Season 3 in 2018!

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New episode today
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Fuck this cuck. Dropped
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1999, manga, and 2011 are all great
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Purple x Purple is perfectly in the middle between 99 and the movies as far as quality is concerned.
Most soldiers just seems to be observing, does this guard think Woble is an easy kill? I'm assuming the Baby Stando will kill him before Bill or Kurapika do anything.
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Overall we deserve better than 99 or 2011. Both are shit and underwhelming.

Then again on the other hand we should be glad that our shitty shounen series has gotten 2 adaptations. Not many have that.

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ITT: Scenes everyone on /a/ has wanked it to
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It is "fapped" you normalfag
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