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Next episode in 5 hours, spoilers for ep 14 are out and there is no discussion whatsoever.

I'm summoning all three anons who watch it beside me.

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>It's onsen episode
Hopefully they will have some nice girly talk about boys
It might not be so lighthearted. They look kind of sad. Maybe they talk about killing people.
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I hope they talk about boys killing people then

Also it seems pic related wasn't Afro's afro after all.

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Wan Piss faggot mod can go chocke himself on a veiny goat cock edition
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Top Panel Bottom left. Hisoka with his Texture Surprise.
Fucking mods
Benjobmin confirmed

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Anime is out soon, who excited?
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Its out in russian
The fuck is this dub?
I guess a russian got bored and found the episode somehow so decided to dub over it all by himself

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Precure thread
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Gao Thread

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You wouldn't put your lips anywhere near Scat, would you?
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Well I do love eating shit.
Well, there is an evolutionary reason why it goes the other end.
Fake Aoko is not anime related!

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Am I the only one who despises all forms of fan service in anime?

this is probably the wrong place to ask
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Watch more anime and get over it, retard. You'll run out of manime before you get to the required 300 completed to post on /a/.
I can tolerate it

it just goes against my preferences
Yes, you are literally the only person who holds that opinion.

Season 1 was just released.

brb g2 chill
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Fuck off.
this is a christian imageboard.
that kind of language will get you a private audience with father 4chan and let me tell you, it is not what you'd expect.
>Leave anime to us.

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Only a few hours to go.
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I'm not ready
Better get.

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Is he the ultimate alpha male of harem protagonists?

>actually marries and fucks every girl in his harem
>every one of them is strong and extremely beautiful
>has 20+ kids
>becomes probably the strongest being in the universe
>becomes a celebrity
>has an ability that undresses women
>has no qualms about punching women

This is literally the greatest harem protagonist besides Arararararagi, and you can't say anything to disprove this.
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Those are some wasted quints.
holy fuck

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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I Kind of Dig Crazy Chicks.jpg
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Requesting Tharja with extra long hair, maybe a bit past the waist, similar to this.

Wearing cute casual clothes.

Or anything cute with SI.
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Reference Image #22.jpg
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Requesting Rias cosplaying as Mysterious Heroine X Alter from Fate/Grand Order http://www.imgur.com/a/7ovmO

Or just wearing a tanktop and a tight pair of jeans or shorts.

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Summer stuff especially, like watching fireworks or eating ice cream. Thanks and have a nice day.
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Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
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I would like to request Mai Natsume sunbathing with her bikini top untied. E.g.:
Bikini references: http://i.imgur.com/6ZANoqn.jpg

Another suggestion is Mai with her hair down (like in the fifth image in the bottom row of the reference) and brushing it. E.g.:

Or perhaps Mai wearing a leotard and performing rhythmic gymnastics. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated.

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It's japanese government time
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Elimination .... Festival?

I guess in the end we were not Re:CREATORS™
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Bully this Metchin. Bully her now.

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This is official art, a lot more blatant cleavage and boobs then I expected. I hope this is a sign of things to come.
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Where's the feet lads
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Pic related was official art too half a decade ago. There have always been some fanservice, but just enough to get your interest and no more.
I'm literally going to marry Yoshiko.

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Why is Hime cut always best cut?
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It's the sign of a best girl.
File: 62282523_p0.jpg (422KB, 675x900px)Image search: [Google]
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It just is
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>tfw no touhou nadeshiko gf

Anime Confirmed in 2018!!!
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It's happening.
I'll be dead in 2018
Where's the proof

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Mahmut SID cover.jpg
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Chapter 94 and 95 is out
Anime is less than 12 hours
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Arslan and Tughril are way too lewd for their own good
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i know right?
So is this just fujo shenanigans or should I expect some decent material?

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