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RAWs are out!
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Always gotta be a katana. Well seems interesting the kall didn't want to fuck his boi pussy.
Well, he practices Kendo after all.
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chapter dump

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Y-You dropped this, Anon.
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Don't fucking talk to me, bitch.
Good, now shove it up your ass.
Thanks, Rin! I've been shitting like a rabbit lately. It's a right pain in the butt.

Would /a/ deem EVA a trainwreck if it was released nowadays?
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Rebuild is a thing, and its pretty bad compared to the original.
Nge was a product of its time and I think it would be nothing like it is if it were released nowadays, with that in mind, its amazing how the themes present in the series are just as real and prevalent today as 20 years ago but I think alot of things would change, specially the art direction and how Anno would approach his ideas.
If NGE were released today it would stand out so much people would go nuts over it

Just like in 1995, but if you take 2017 and consider a 26-ep long original 2D super robot show with the director guiding its vision rather than the company and some of the absolute best talent of the industry contributing in storyboards and animation... well, that's just not something that gets made.
The comedy twist ending would be that Highlander Lincoln was just playing with his action figures in the bathtub the whole time he was visiting some holy ground in order to take his mind off the next person he'd have to decapitate, end credits scene would be him preparing for a duel we never see.

Emilia is better.
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Fuck you, dipshit. Eat dick and die, assmuncher.
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I prefer Asuka.
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Let's remember this amazing SoL anime.
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the feelings...
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I have to be honest.
Kinda hate that bitch Ritsuko
I though she was just another teenager. Confused and stuff

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Teekyu 9 is AOTY
>Now has ED
>cute alien girl sings OP again
>cute alien girl pooping on toilet in first episode
>Actual animation now
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>>Actual animation now
>extended the run time
I like the new artstyle.

Why don't any of the writers take a moment to ask "what makes this boy attractive to the girl"?
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Because anime isn't realistic and is made to appeal to losers. Why do you think every male MC ever is a plain boring beta?
She literally said he is funny

You want every anime guy to be a supermodel or something?
My guess in the manga is that they had a childhood-friend connection and he's conveniently forgotten about it.

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> Muh VN adaptation needs 50+ episodes

What kind of mentally retarded faggot thinks like this?
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go back to whatever forum that is
It depends on the VN. But generally they really do take that many episodes. Otherwise you get rushed messes like Grisia, Rewrite, Umineko, and countless others. Only short VNs like Planetarian really work for adaptions. Also

You need to leave
You didn't point out why that's wrong.

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Protip : You can't
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>Shirou's bitch
Pancho villa

How can we save Lotte from complete irrelevancy? And don't mention "Super Lotte" since that was shot down once.
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Replace with a better character.
While we're at it, replace the show too.
Not shot down, just unutilised because they didn't know how to incorporate it in the story. If they ever make a S2, they can always dedicate an episode where Lotte goes out of the comfort zone and takes the spotlight for once and reveals that she can power up.
Cute rivals doing rival things.

Give her a rival.

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>Kimi no nawa coming to Mexico with Mexican dub

>Koe no Katachi, Fairy Tail getting great reception in Mexico

>One Punch Man and LWA getting Mexican Spanish dub

>Captain Tsubasa, Pokemon, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball on public TV

Is this is it bros? Are we living the second golden age of anime in Mexico?
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Can you beat France this time around?
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>giving a shit about dubs
>giving a shit about complete trash like Fairy Tail

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Post Beta Anime MCs.
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>Psycho Pass 1
Pretty good, wish it were longer
>Psycho Pass 2
What the fuck? What the fuck?!
Pretty good again, but there's hardly a story when you think about it

Is this series done? There's a lot of shit left unexplained, lots of characters with next to no point in existing, and it just overall does not feel done yet. Also is the game worth it?
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akane is cute
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>worldbuilding outside CID non-existent
>introduced the villain early in the series instead of at the end of season
>Plot turned into CID vs Makishima for the rest of 20 episodes
Someone please tell me how Psycho Pass is good in the first place.

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I'm quite confident that Kuzu no Honkai is the best show I've ever seen and is the only show that I would give a perfect 10. Actually, I didn't even think a 10 was possible before watching this.

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Well now I am interested. I dropped the show after the first one or two episodes. Idk, but it was really cringeworthy for me. Could you explain what made you give it 10/10 ?
OP is either a senseifag or likes NTR. either way they need to leave
Don't get baited anon. It's a waste of time. Just like every time /a/ has ever recommended anything it's always shit. It's only good when it's airing and you're live watching with /a/

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