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Mangastream has dropped Hunter x Hunter

I repeat

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Try again, anon.
Where's your proof?
Nevermind, just shiposting.

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Which one are you, /a/?
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There's a third option in the original shot which reads
>sentient being with enough sense and good taste to avoid watching this commercialized, pandering, juvenile animated shitfest
and I would classify myself under that category
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I'm KaBane?
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first episode was really good. should have only been a one episode show. (the cliff hanger would leave us all hard forever)

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>a man and a woman meet each-other
>they fall in love and have kids
>a son and a daughter
>biology dictates that the son is more like the father than any other man on the planet
>the daughter is more like the mother than anyone else
>so you have what are essentially clones of the two people who originally fell in love

So can anyone explain to me why sibling romance isn't the most logical form of love
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>make non /a/ related thread
>use anime image as OP
>it's now somehow /a/ related
I hope this thread gets nuked.
You can't have interracial sex, duh.
Nice post, you might make it on r/4chan.

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Adachi Beefcake.png
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Does constant fan-service grate your nerves and test you patience?
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if it's trying to be innocent and cute or really serious then yes
but if it's a scraunchy comedy or something i expect fanservice and will take nothing but
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From Triage X

It's a harem with a boring MC

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>[HorribleSubs] Aho Girl - 2 [720p].mkv
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I want commit bestiality.
Time for BANANA

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>character gets poisoned
>"Ahaha! My poison will kill you very quickly!"
>Enemy gets distracted because it thinks it won
>Gets defeated because the character is immune to poison
Every fucking time
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How many of these fucking threads do we need per day?
this like never happens
>Flying spaceships close together
>Someone plays loud music
>Causes spaceships to crash into each other and explode
Every fucking time

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Is anyone reading this?
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I dont know why I even waste my time reading this when its so shit
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are you mentally handicaped?
why the hell would you think that this hag would be a good wife?
>sticking your dick in crazy
t. mad faggots

Why is the tsurezure anime so disappointing?
>The animation is bad
>The art doesn't translate well
>The colors are shit
>Everyone's hair and eye color is unnecessarily bright
>12 minute episodes

Did they just phone it in?
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The only disappointment for me that it's only 12 minutes a episode.
You forgot >the source material is shit

All of that is tolerable compared to the cunt you posted. I nearly stopped watching when she would not cut her stupid shit out. Bitchy, possessive imuoutos are shit and I hope she never comes back.

It's a cheap adaptation, but it's not terrible. The source deserved better but it could have fared much, much worse.

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Is there an MMO out there comes close Overlord, if you don't include the "Dive" aspect? As in: Pretty in-depth system but lets you custom create avatar appearance and settings and design bases?

General Overlord discussion as well. Shizu best/cutest maid.
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Older MMOs like Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot come close. Overlord's YGGDRASIL is pretty much trying to be a D&D TRPG made into a video game with all the complexity focused on the depth of the game. I don't know how many people could get into a game where a character can easily have 800 spells, it clearly catered to the hardcore audience.
>I don't know how many people could get into a game where a character can easily have 800 spells...
Well, me, the OP, which is why I'm asking. I'll look into the other two. Can I draw appearances for NPCs and design bases from scratch? Not like, cookie cutter, but 3D model furniture and the like? The more creative freedom the better. I know I'm asking a long shot but I kind of hope there is a game like that out there or about to be.
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>design bases

The server costs to do that in a mmo on a large scale would be a fucking nightmare.
Just pray some technology breakthrough happens and we get an early version of overlord.

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14 is truly the ideal.
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do you think she would be fun to pick up and possibly contort her body over certain household objects?
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Of course. Her size is perfect for this.
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Is there a better 14 year-old than Megumin?

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This is an example of an unsuccessful asspull
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17 (1).png
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First Bang Dream, then Fukumenkei Noise and now Tenshi no 3P.

Is the Age of Idols well and truly over?

Is this the beginning of the Time of Bands?

If only K-On could have been around to see this.
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My keyboard can also change the timbre. Would Kasumi say that it's amazing?
All I know is that I want to kiss Otae all over.
You don't want to and I can prove it.

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I'm fed up and finally giving up on this show. I wasted 2 months watching all the new episodes as they came out and its been nothing but a waste of time. The characters are not developing, the plot is not moving forward and I guess this show must be trying to cater to a younger audience. I quit. idc if this shitpost dies or if anyone else is in the same boat as me but I'm drunk and wanted to make the post.
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>Watching the anime

There's your problem. Read the manga.
>spending 22 minutes every week watching an advertisement for a comic book
>Watching the anime
Why would you do that to yourself, are you a masochist?

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Do you like Oscar /a/?
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I'm on episode 8. Why is antoinette such a prick?
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No, I love her.
this art style is so hideous his face looks like a mutant and he seems to be 7 feet tall

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