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We finally got a patrician anime after a long time.
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How I could say no this angel.
Mister why are you carrying a microphone around in your pocket?
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You are ambushed by these delinquents.

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Now that i think of it L could have easily find out if light was kira by telling him his real name cause nobody knows it and if he die of any how .Light would have been the only suspect and even if Light didn't kill him because he would have suspected that .this would mean L would have protection against Light's Death Note.

Does this makes sense
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>Does this makes sense
He didn't want to die, clearly represented in the show

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>tfw Arararagi would have killed the vampire slut if it wasn't for this bitch

Vampires should always be seen as trash
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I bet you like slutgahara.
She's not a race traitor so yes.
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I like black hanekawa

What would you do if you were put in a fantasy world with a smartphone, unlimited charge, and internet connection?
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I would look up how to create AK-47's and ammunition, and create other modern weapons. Then I would overthrow the government and conquer the world.
Left looks like top bae
good job OP for posting at exactly 10:00:00

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>Be a timid junior high schooler
>Wants to try out ballroom dancing
>Practices with female dancer for the first time
>Female dancer refuses to make eye contact and makes a bitchy face.
>Already implying he's a pervert even though he never touched her wrong.

Wow...just wow. Is this how joining a ballroom dancing club feels like for male beginners? Bitchy, paranoid girls everywhere.
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>Be a timid junior high schooler
>Wants to try out ballroom dancing
I get that it's not real but this is really immersion breaking.
I haven't got around to watching this yet, but please tell me her liking him is not an inevitability.
It is

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>ywn watch Free! for the first time again
Anyone else miss them?
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I only miss Rei
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>tfw you were looking forward to Free! for a long time and didn't like the final product

Rei is a total bro from beginning to end. Kindof annoying how unappreciated he is.

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I'm going to marry Alicia-sama!
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Those hips man
Faceless fat piece of shit already did it
>there are heterossexual Aria doujins

I have nothing against how things ended up in the manga, but the artists could at least use the doujins to deliver more AliciaxAkari goodness.

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Now that the dust has settled, when is it acceptable to impregnate youre little imouto through unprotected premarital intercourse?
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when they look nothing like you, otherwise you're a narcissistic asshole.
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As long as it's consented, always

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What is the Mayoiga of this season?
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depends on which show gets forgotten the quickest.
I meant as in fun to discuss with /a/ mayoiga.
good lord, this one was bad
i can't believe this shit got me thru 12 episodes

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ITT regretful anime faps
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I've never regretted fapping to anime teddies
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Show me your dance moves, /a/.
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Kyochuu Rettou Chapter 18 - Part 2
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literal shit of a manga
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Why does this shithead exist, look at that shit eating grin, reflects the state of the mango
Geez the stakes of this manga are really low and the world building is really shit.
Their gonna have to asspull some crazy villain, and since the mangaka wasn't creative enough to create some compelling lore it's gonna feel so forced, jeez.
These pretentious cunts hail it as the next hxh, i don't even like hxh that much but this shit is trash next to it.

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>lewd scene comes up
>instantly look away because my face gets all red
Does it happen to anyone else? I find it really hard to watch modern anime because most of them have those ero moments I dislike.
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were you touched as a child or something

only time I need to look away or close something is from some serious second hand embarrassment
I'm not underage or autistic, so no.
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No, I am too old for been this autistic or faggot like.
Only when shit get too cringy to withstand.

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Why there's not a single good romance anime/manga featuring adult women? I'm tired of nothing but high school romance.

Even when you try fap material it always ends up being incest or NTR.
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Forget the women

Too many romance manga have bitch fucks as protags. Gotta grind to find ones with decent MC's
What a foot-slut.
Most people marry before they're thirty anon.

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