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What do you guys want to see happen to Tomoko or Watamote in the future?

Would you like it if they did a timeskip somehow or continued after highschool?

What do you think the author is up to?
It seems like Nico Tanigawa is planning to do something with Nemo I mean she is on the cover of the new volume.
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yuri end
If that does happen I'd be pretty disappointed.
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>the entire Monogatari series happened because of a split second upskirt
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It lasted for four pages though.
What's the moral of the story

Life's weird.

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What do you want the series following Dragon Ball Super to be about?

What will it be called?
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dragon ball super duper
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Three because it'd really piss off the fans and because it rhymes with Z.

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Chapter 223 Spoiler Pics Later

Although Kuga is already at an advanced stage with his cooking, the rebels realize he still hasn’t touched the green tea yet. In contrast, on Tsukasa’s dining table, there are 4 different types of Tea Leaves.

Marui’s explanation: He explains that there are different definitions of green tea and the ways to get the best out of the green tea is diverse too.
After you pick up the leaves from the green tea, you deal with the heat, which stops the movement of the Oxidizing enzyme, meaning it basically becomes a non-fermented tea.

Tsukasa manages to deal with the different leaves (Sencha, Gyokucha, Genmaicha, and Fukamushicha) to perfection by using different temperatures and different timings to take out each leaf.

Tsukasa warns Kuga who is focusing on the Chinese hot pot.

Tsukasa: It’s not bad to be stubborn with one method, but I’ve been thinking this about you for some time, and I think it’s a bad habit to be trapped in your own field. Green tea...Aren’t you thinking about the Japanese tea as some kind of bonus? To get the best out of theme, it sometimes means you have to restrict yourself. By being captured in one style, it means that you can’t discover new flavors. It’s not like I’m not acknowledging your passion…But you know, if you continue to be so stubborn with your style, you will never win against me.

Mimasaka: I am not too sure about that?

Mimasaka throws a bin filled with a black liquid. And from that bin, Kuga takes out the leaves.

Kuga: Good job Mimasaka chin!

Mimasaka was tracing Kuga.

Mimasaka: Chori Chori Chorisuu (This phrase doesn’t really have a meaning but Kuga likes to use it often in a manner of greeting someone) I am Terunori Kuga~! Today, I will finally show it the Tsukassan who I hate so much.

Kuga: Yeah seriously, stop it. But Thank you!

Erina: (Now show it to them, the regiment of the rebels!)

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Previous Thread
Don't do that.

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Death Note had a very good discussion on the nature of paw, justice, ethics, and degrees of restraint that individuals and society must possess.

Of course the subtext is largely missed due to the nature of the protagonist, but to dismiss the story for no reason makes me turn around and wonder how old the average /a/ poster is.
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Light is one of the most evil characters I can think of. Anyone who claims he did "nothing wrong" is a retard.
He's not evil, he's a kid. Your brain isn't fully developed at his age. Where an adult would at least hesitate, he didn't.
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Deepfags are the worst. Deathnote is entry level trash that is only goof if you have seen less than 10 anime. It was pushed out monthly for shonen jump with a new ass pull for every chapter. What can be said about law, justice, and ethics that has not been said before the author just regurgitated questions that have been asked before Death Note is far from a deep commentary its a string of ass pulls tied together by a thin string.

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kakegurui would be so much better if pic related was the main protagonist instead of yumeko.
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who the fuck even is she

and what is the idol's thing. those star eyes are hnggg
>doesn't know about best girl
also the idol is shit.
>wanting to stick your dick in crazy
assuming you shoot her first

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I want to protect Hotaru's smile.
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please respond

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What went wrong?
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Pointlessly confusing bullshit
Most things. I can appreciate its trying to go against the grain and be original, but it was not a good show. Enjoyable to an extent, but certainly not good.

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Is Flip Flappers the most complex anime ever made?
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What with the resurgence of Flip flap threads recently?

First, explain what you mean by complex.

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Eternally cockblocked.
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Also looks like they're rushing the story towards the end.
It looks like it's going to end really soon, probably this year.
That's a long sword

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Find a flaw
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Flat as board
>inb4 I asked for flaws
Fucking pedo
>flat as a board
>parted bangs
>innocent, questioning expression
Sorry OP, I can't.
She isn't bouncing on my dick.

Manlets, when will they ever learn?
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God Shinobu face is awful.
How tall is adult Shinobu anyway?
>those necks
Whoa hey guys

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marry momo, fuck lucy, kill nami

is there any other choice?
Fuck Nami
Marry Lucy
Kill Momo

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Explain this tooth
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this is the autism fang, by seeing it you have been cursed with incurable shit taste and bad dental care.
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Yaeba crooked teeth.jpg
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File: gay_fags_BTFO.png (493KB, 1114x992px)Image search: [Google]
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That's not her tooth that's her lip and it's like that because her face is deformed as a result of down syndrome. Her hyperactivity is a side effect of ADHD and the reason she's so nice and sweet is because she's a literal retard. Her combat strength comes from her tard powers. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves.

Also Mordred is the worst character in the series, too big for her own britches. The way she acts entitled despite being a rape baby is beyond me.

There is honestly no better grill than pic related, they are just so fucking cool, nothing will ever come in comparison to them. Character design is on point and they even know how to fight well and not act like a retard. Can your waifu do that, anon? I thought not. Get out of here, kid.

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Anyone seen this gem?
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No you must be literally the only one.
it was huge on /a/ when it came out
you missed the funtrain by several years
I saw it like 3 years ago, but only remembered it today.

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