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What are the most infuriating examples of horrible people that got away with it in the end?
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Pic unrelated im guessing
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What did she get away with it? Kaori is the one who left a trail of emotional devastation in her wake, and never had to face up to what she did because nobody knew that she manipulated everyone around her until after her death.

Maria CD song up: https://mega.nz/#F!61wniKbS!ZzVIFoZLfPIgiREFdh7Akg

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Everyone is facing the screen except Aoi. What does the bridge bunny see, /a/?
Go listen to Ginude Airgetlám again.

Please include ONE of these TWO statements in your post. Either "I'm a lolicon" or "I'm not a lolicon" it's simple really. This is a very vital experiment and I would appreciate your cooperation.
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Sounds like fun.
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trois fois trois.jpg
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I'm not a lolicon

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Nice try Hansen

4/5 anime -Aria
2/2 manga
2/2 VN
3/3 vidya

3/4 -penguindrum

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This girl is soooooooo hot.
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MAO makes any girl top tier
I want Kantoku to do designs for a show that doesn't suck

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How would write a relatable male mc in a romcom that wasn't some autistic, dense beta, a "hilarious" pervert or some Gary Stu alpha?
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Have him act like a normal human being.
Tomoya Okazaki
No. The entire point of romcoms is self insertion wish fulfillment fantasies before perma virgins. If you have a male MC who has a realistic personality then how the fuck is the reader supposed to self insert as the guy getting all that puss for no apparent reason?

Has anyone else had trouble finding things to watch this season? I haven't even been able to really exersize the three episode rule. I've only picked up Aho girl and Tsurezure children

What are you watching? Besides leftovers like BNHA
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>Besides leftovers like BNHA
Found your problem. You have shit taste.
??? I'm just trying to specify THIS season not the last one. Last one had plenty of things.
Yup, this season is mediocre at best. Only watching 3 shows.

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Friendly reminder that Kuzu no Honkai is AOTY.
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I really liked it, but no. It’s not AOTY.
Name a single better series.

I'll wait.
Why did you like it that much ?

ITT : Stuff that makes you time travel.
Exemples :
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Fuck man, that ending is blues.
What is the original song OP?

With the Japanese girl I believe orange hair. It has been years since I saw that

Is this the most boring anime of the season? Will we get 12 episodes of pic related? Or does it take another direction?
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Main girl sounds like she's constantly choking on cocks. Which I guess makes sense since that's how she got the role.
It was so boring that there won't be any other replies. I was on the verge of dropping it the whole first episode, until the main girl started to talk for real. Then I was certain.
I like quizzes.

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>MSG Unicorn RE:0096
>Tokyo Ghoul:re
>Working!!: Re:Order
>009 Re:Cyborg

Why are anime and manga titled like they're part of an email chain nowadays?
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Because their scripts are about the same quality as your average email.
This. See it as a shit filter.
Shit goes back to like 2005 too.

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What do you want the series following Dragon Ball Super to be about?

What will it be called?
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Is that super saiyan prophet, muslim Goku?
Goten & Trunks teen years where they fight in the world martial arts tournament before traveling through space together.
Wherin they redo some of arcs from GT that had potential to be better than they were
Dragon Ball Ultra.

It's the same as Super, except the multiverse is part of an Omniverse. There will be a tournament between Multiverse 7, the home of Goku and shit and Multiverse 6, then a Multiversal Survival tournament and what not and at the end of it, Goku will bring back all the destroyed multiverses with the Ultra Dragon Balls.

File: IMI Galil gets a bipod upgrade.png (335KB, 700x1200px)Image search: [Google]
IMI Galil gets a bipod upgrade.png
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This is an Israeli assault rifle chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO that runs on a gas-operated, rotating bolt.
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No, that is a kike rip-off of the objectively best rifle.
File: Galil of anger.jpg (56KB, 500x418px)Image search: [Google]
Galil of anger.jpg
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Delete this now!
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Even stole the non-human theme.

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one piece > two pieces
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Why they had to drop the one piece?
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One Piece?

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I don't get the joke. If she wants it so much then why doesn't he just give it to her?
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Don't stick your dick in crazy, Anon.
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Darkness isn't crazy. Darkness is a good girl.

How can wanting your pussy destroyed by a strong man be crazy? It seems perfectly rational.
Giving her what she wants is the opposite of what she wants.

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Hey, you like trains?
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Fuck that shit is old
Yeah that's a nice looking train.

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