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>I'm sure this thread won't be dead instantly
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Maybe I'll reread it in a decade when it's done
>Joyd is actually a split personality autismo too
Unironically dropped I had enough of everything getting more and more complicated.
currently watching the anime, is it worth the read?

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Was it Kino?
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it would have been if it had any sort of direction.

>Monsters to kill monsters
>Not really monsters.
>Could be (you)
>Writer self insert
>Lets just do what dbz did

Show had potential but they turned it into aids real quick.
>>Writer self insert
who was that?
Stay there, cancer.

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I've been trying to watch Lain illegally on the interwebz but every place cuts out the op and ed (at least they do with the dub, but reading is for nerds)
I'm confused and scared, why do they all do this?
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wew - you could have at least tried with this b8. saged.
cuz its spooky
>I've been trying to watch Lain illegally on the interwebz
hello time traveler!! how is it like back there?

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Why do you watch moeshit?
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Because it's good and fun.
>inb4 someone takes the bait and posts that KyoAni artstyle comparison picture
To answer your question, OP, I don't believe in the existence of "moeshit".
It's simple wholesome fun. SHAFTfags please leave.

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What does /a/ think or Rin?
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I fear her
Forced meme girl.
I want her to be mean to me.

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Would you wanna be his target?
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I like girls

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What exactly is her problem?
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Mc lost his family; is the author gonna focus on the idea of him ending up alone in this world with mashiro by killing blondie?
>have sex with a chad in the very first manga
>im a virgin I swear! he didnt penetrate me!

Its not sex if nothing has inside her desu senpai plush she bashed his skull in

Shikinami > Soryu

Only retards think otherwise.
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why is shikinami better?
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She managed to go through more character development in like ten minutes that Soryu in the entire show.

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Is Casca going back to Griffith once she gets her mind back?
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yeah, that's what berserk threads need: ntrfags
No, she will abandon men because all they brought her was misery. Instead, she'll pick Isidrop and go /ss/.
Considering that is broken mind is full of Femto ogre penis destroying her soul I think not.

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A wide message to Clannad fans
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I approve this message.
I thought my clothes are pretty clean as they are but thanks
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>hating clannad

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ITT: Faces thatd make you propose
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But I want to be proposed to, by an aggressive and fast-talking loli.
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What did she mean by this?
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She is a king, she just knows these kinds of things.
Africans are known for their speed

Please. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony. You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.

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Why does he give a shit when his best friend is a person who killed random people for money?

Is Gon a hypocrite?
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If you get paid for it they have something to do with you, I guess
Gon is a dumb sexy 12 year old.
Is a man not allowed to contradict himself? That is part of life anon and why I enjoy Gon's character even after he bashed my waifu's head in.

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Do the Straw Hat Pirates all like each other? Watching the Return to Sabody reunion felt like everyone was waiting for Luffy to show up, everyone else could get fucked.
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they wouldn't be sailing together if they didnt, besides Zoro and sanji of course.
Of course they do. The fights between Zoro and Sanji are as natural as siblings fighting. They get on eachother's nerves at times, but they care about eachother deep down.
Of course. Especially in. Little moments where one of them is missing or in a bad situation. There is always concern. They obviously spend so much time together on the ship even though it is not animated.

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