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So we all agree that the movies were a mistake, right? Removing all of Araragi's narration and voiceover, making half his dialogue autistic screeching, having the voice actors say everything in such a way that everything seems pointlessly melodramatic, an equally melodramatic soundtrack, switched up character designs that border on the grotesque, absolute trainwreck pacing, distracting CGI Japanese flags everywhere for no reason, and as for the animation quality there is no plausible reason why something with even more gratuitous usage of CGI and stock footage than the TV series had to be delayed by five years.
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Well.. I liked it. Haven't seen the final part yet though.
At least we finally got to see Hanekawa's death scene animated.
I suppose I do agree with the opposite of everything you said.

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Spoiler out. Manlet got saved by Big Mom defeating herself.
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>Best boy successfully escaped and joined the crew.

holy shit Big mom's pirate crew is on the verge of collapsing
CP0 is at the wedding.

They know Luffy, the Son of Dragon, is there.

Marines are gonna capture Luffy. No escape.

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takeya yuki.png
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How would you deal with her autism?
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Insert my penis.
Rape her shitter.
Good posts.

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>this will never be animated
Worst timeline bros.
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What makes you think that?
why do you want it to be animated
why isn't the manga enough
Damn,, you mean genericanimepunchwithaquirkyname#1249 won't be animated!?

Oh my god!It's not even as good as plus ultra.

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Whats chances of hitting the moon? anywhere else and he would have suffocated in space...
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>implying he could have just defeated suffocation with a single punch
He cant suffocate though
At first he forgets that he needs to breath and only starts holding his breath once he realizes that he's on the moon
okay how is floating thru space at terminal velocity until he starves to death any better

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Didn't see a thread for this so made one.

Nothing really happened in the first episode but not having read the manga/ln, I'm hoping it gets a lot better as it has potential.

Also who's ready for another Gary stu.
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Yae a best.
>Oh hey lets have a MC who can literally do everything and lets give him a harem.
This looks so bad, holy shit.

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You're walking up the stairs to class when suddenly these lolis ambush you, what do you do?
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Fuck the oppai. I don't need no harem. Just gimme oppai.
whip it out

which one is oppai? the one in the green shirt?
Fuck all of them except for the old lady on the right.

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What do people like about this anime?
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Tits 'n' candy
Hotaru n saya

Literally every other aspect of it is garbage
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Later than usual but it's fine.
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Summary for Volume 11. Sounds not terrible.

Images for Volume 11

New manga chapter is out

Volume 10 chapter 2 is translated
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I'm not a fan of the new artist, but goddamn does Char look hot here.
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What was the reason for Ichika hugging Cecilia? Was it a simple "Happy birthday!" hug or was there something else behind the reason?
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Char and Cecilia with the best dresses, Especially Chars has a mature and sexy air to it.

What the fuck was her problem?
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She wanted the D
But deafie beat her to it and got butt hurt so she fucked around with the dudes body while he was in a coma
Ishida is ugly, though. She could do better.

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Why does /a/ love cowtits so much?
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American Cowgirl.jpg
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Because bigger beef is better (and jigglier).
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loli liek boobs.gif
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Lolis love boobs.
/a/ is filled with lolis.
Is pure math honestly.
Bigger is better?

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Why did moe take over anime industry?
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It didn't. There are plenty of "manime" shounenshit shows every season.
because cute girls are enjoyable for everyone.
Cute girls are always a plus but they alone can't make a show good.

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They're about to make AOTY 2018. You heard it here first.
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Saru only uses flash for some scenes.
You mean all scenes

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image (13).jpg
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Why is someone who has been a hentai artist for 10+ years the first mangaka to make accurate college SOL?
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I'm not sure you've actually read it.
And you should you read more before making idiotic statements like that.
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