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You aren't a filthy otaku, are you?
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>Reading books = Otaku
That's it, Japan is going down the shitter along with America.
are you illiterate? that's the opposite of what's being said
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Read it again, ESL-kun.

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I want to FUCK Megumin!!!
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ITT: characters who are approximately 140cm tall and weigh roughly 40kg whom you would love to stick your dick in
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Anybody have a clue about if and or when there will be new episodes?
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>Anybody have a clue about if and or when there will be new episodes?
Why do people ask this for every fucking series as though /a/ has insider knowledge? Stop asking dumb questions.
It will be several years before the next season and Rem won't be in it
So Emilia will finally be able to shine in the next season?

Which girl would you want to be your IRL wife? No, not waifu. Pic related.
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If she turns 3D, I don't want her.
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she'll still be 2D you just need to marry her and live with her, basically a real marriage with a fictional girl

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Draw your waifu in mspaint
Lewd edition
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my wife.png
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Summer clothings are lewd right? Also I mean I have been ERPing with someone else for months as my waifu. So they aren't exactly from an animu.
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Your waifu is albino as fuck.

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Gimme your best shot /a/

Post those outtakes, anime and manga both allowed, out of context and in context as well.
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What went wrong?
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main guy is a wet blanket with zero personality

he may as well not even exist
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Not enough oyakodon.
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Fumita should just cut his losses and make porn of his characters.

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Why are they so pure and perfect?
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Mugi literally takes black cock on a regular basis
Quads don't lie.

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>Season 2 fucking never
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No Season 2 No Life.
Isn't the movie supposed to be out yet? Or did it bomb already?
Was there enough content for a season 2?

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eva reference.png
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>tfw don't care much about the royal succession that's eating up this block of chapters and would rather follow any of the other sub-plots.
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only with mito-san and nouko.jpg
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Reposting this since the thread was nuked before anyone could even see it.
Me too, but lets see how this turns out. I didn't care much about Yorknew at the beginning too.
I'm loving it, and it will only make the journey to DC that much more crazy and exciting.

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Fate Last Encore.jpg
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>Male Master
>No Alices
>Rin and Rani die

Seriously is there even a single person excited for this adaptation?
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>Nero Saber
Sold. Problem faggot?
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I think males should be with Tamamo and females with Nero

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What were the best fights of each arc? I'm talking power level and style here
Shunsui and Kenpaichi provided only honorable fights imo.
Also post your favorite bankai.

Shitposting will be tolerated and appreciated.
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i mean props to you for trying but i don't think anyone cares enough about bleach to even keep this afloat, contributing, shitposting or otherwise
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What a shame. thanks for the pic

I'm no lolicon, but I always thought the 13 year old was by far the hottest of the three sisters.
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Hazuki was so good character
but her show will never be popular
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She was FINE alright.

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I'll start
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Consider suicide.
Chou yo Hana yo
ban non-whites from 4chan and we'll never have to hear another word about netorare

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Why is the middle sister always the best sister?
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Name one example besides Nabiki, baka hentai
That begs the question.


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