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File: You're under arrest.webm (2MB, 480x360px)Image search: [Google]
You're under arrest.webm
2MB, 480x360px
Why are they're no shows about cat burglars stealing womens underwear these days?
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you can just get used panties from vending machines now
get out of /a/ subhuman
Because it's not 1940s America.

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>You're such a good boy
Umm.... really wow what a creep
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I would let Hisoka fuck my shota anus.
lurk for 2 years before posting
My mom says that all the time and she's not a creep.

File: urusei-yatsura-wallpaper-37.jpg (238KB, 1920x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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I'll start, Urusei Yatsura.
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Fucking gem, Lum is a miracle of this universe
>talked about constantly
>threads all the time
>literally just had a /a/ rewatch of the whole series
lurk more

Oh look, time for the daily Takahashi thread by the Lum spammer.

>doesn't talk about it enough

File: 1487976845409.png (320KB, 452x710px)Image search: [Google]
320KB, 452x710px
Why is it that you can't have assertive women in anime without them being yandere, queens, or heavy into femdom? Why can't there just be ones who take the lead in the relationships and pamper their lover, in a sort of role reversal? Is that too much to ask?
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Watch better anime.
I've watched a ton already, it just isn't there, instead we get endless tsunderes, queens, yanderes, and the list goes on.
>I've watched a ton already,
Yeah, but only of a single variety, apparently. That's why I told you to watch *better* anime.

File: muh_heart.jpg (109KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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has anime ever made you cry?
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I usually just get burningly depressed instead of crying, but Nunally crying over Lelouch pushed me over the edge.
Haha, oh man.

File: light.jpg (25KB, 300x451px)Image search: [Google]
25KB, 300x451px
Literally didn't do anything wrong
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He was enough of a retard to get caught, so he did that wrong.
I fully agree, other than hiring an insane retard to work for him
Yeah that's why he got shot full of bullets and cried himself to death, because he did nothing wrong

File: DEpowGdUwAAloNl.jpg-large.jpg (166KB, 714x1023px)Image search: [Google]
166KB, 714x1023px
Pajama party next chapter
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Who will win?
It's already translated?
it's already translated? Also /chem/, nice, sensei chapter was cute

Why is "S" always the highest ranking in anime? Literally everybody does it
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S-rank is a ranking classification that may refer to:

- A ranking used to describe a level that is so superlative that it cannot be described by the traditional ranking system (A, B, etc). It may be used in real or fictional tournaments such as in martial arts or fights in fiction.
literally how fucking new can you be
Why not G Rank? Why not X Rank? Why not Z rank?

All the anime/manga I've seen use S

File: img000015.jpg (290KB, 1080x1551px)Image search: [Google]
290KB, 1080x1551px
I can imagine this kind of doujin with salaryman being married to Visha and having Tanya as a daughter and I want it
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File: Tanya's Birthday.png (234KB, 426x483px)Image search: [Google]
Tanya's Birthday.png
234KB, 426x483px
How can an old man be this cute?
You are a goddamn moron.
What's it like living without a brain or eyes?
That arent answer my question.

File: kirino vs sagiri.jpg (135KB, 1280x1440px)Image search: [Google]
kirino vs sagiri.jpg
135KB, 1280x1440px
Who did it better?

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┬┐Exactli what?

Also, who do you like more?
I've been whatching just ereincest and by the ploot i thought that the two series are sheet.

File: 1489402507108.png (674KB, 1445x813px)Image search: [Google]
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well, /a/?
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yes just no jb.

boku no pico
No. Fucking paedo scum

File: 170723dragonball-super025.jpg (37KB, 250x140px)Image search: [Google]
37KB, 250x140px

And this is SUPER TINGLE 2
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That looks like Ultra tingle
And this is to tingle even beyond.


File: 1499748852472.jpg (814KB, 724x1023px)Image search: [Google]
814KB, 724x1023px
Why is fat old Saber the best Saber?
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File: 1493465043971.jpg (478KB, 723x1023px)Image search: [Google]
478KB, 723x1023px
because Milf King

also is anyone else having longer than normal capchas?
Necromancy at this point. Fate died a long time ago

File: Kirino is an ugly bitch.jpg (730KB, 1980x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Kirino is an ugly bitch.jpg
730KB, 1980x1080px
She's so bitchy and violent towards her brother, and every other girl in the show is either cuter or less annoying than her. Every time she was onscreen, I just wanted to slap her till she cried, then rip her stupid looking side tooth out. Kirino is worst girl ever (in her own show, nonetheless!), yet she has a dedicated following. Why? Why not Kuroneko, or Ayase, or someone who won't fucking slap you for saying hello to them. This bitch belongs in a fucking mental hospital.
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Dunno, probably some kind of vitamin deficiency. You have to be lacking something to find this garbage unironically appealing.
Every character in this series is absolute trash, including her brother.
Because you'd have to be retarded not to read between the lines of her behavior.
Also, Kuroneko is an annoying moeblob. Literally every girl, barring Manami, is better than her.

File: yuui.png (288KB, 577x618px)Image search: [Google]
288KB, 577x618px
I love yui!
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File: 1405538193307.gif (752KB, 500x352px)Image search: [Google]
752KB, 500x352px
I love her too!
File: yuihapi.png (88KB, 226x371px)Image search: [Google]
88KB, 226x371px

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