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>when fellow satenposter steals the OP
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When are we getting a doujin where futa Rakko violates Saten and Frenda?

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No Berserk thread?
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makes it even hotter
so is griffith gay or nay?

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ITT: Character designs that made you watch a series.
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GuP thread, Rabbit team drama CD is subbed.
Softsub: https://a.pomf.cat/ytsrsj.mkv

Apparently there's some event at Oarai today, also the TV series is being re-aired in Japan this season.
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Another new general already, huh.
Also reairings happen to all shows pretty much right after the season, that's no news nor does it touch western people.
>new general
You are the one who's new here my friend.

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Was Fate the best route after all?
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None of them are very good, honestly. There's definitely some solid story in there, but the dialogue and plot progression are so absolutely flat and childish (not to mention slow and redundant), that you'd have to be a literal shut in autist who's life is completely devoid of human interaction to take anything from those stories.
The new WW film literally ripped off the "idealistic hero coming to terms with reality" plotline and even had Ares do the "Gate of Babylon" move i.e. he formed swords and weapons from steel and debris then fired them at WW.
American audiences loved it.

Yes, Sakura's route is garbage and Rin's route is actually Archers route. Also what timeline does blackend Emiya alter comes from?

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>5 days until the new chapter

In the meantime, do you think that the Part 5 OPs should be CG like the first three Parts, or just regular like Part 4?
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jobin is the main villain
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Gappy makes me happy
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I'm not just a 'tree'...

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Five minutes are up, Kaguya time.
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The best time of the week is here!
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Reminder that Keita still manages to hook up with the blondie after vol 2.
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dropped from club
fun show

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Please be patient
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I want to play with sandcat
>Please be patient
only 4 more hours until the filenames begin to start with 15
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Whatever number I get at the end of my post is the uni that gets hakaid next.
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>Hello everyone, this is Gowasu and welcome back to another episode of Minecraft!
>Today I'm going to show you how to create the village of your dreams
>First you mine for iron and then [...]
>ZAMASU! Stop setting everything on fire!
>ZAMASU! Where's my tea?!
>And that'll be all for today. Please punch that like button and subscribe!
Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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>Caulifla poster
>Gohan poster
>Toei poster
>Toyotaro poster
Last thread improved

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can we have a wholesome Yuru Yuri thread?
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This is a post Yui hugging a pillow post.
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Why is Akari so bumpy?

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>there are still "people" who would not happily risk their lives and climb into the abyss to fluff the bun
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The latest translated but not yet typestted chapters can be found in any /a/ archive by searching "mia toc".
Fireden is recommended.

>Single episode with anime original stuff
>daily thread
Summer kids + anime + posting chapters to batoto ruined discussions.
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just ignore him.

Movie subs are out. 4koma short subs soon.
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Sonoko got NTR'd by Yuuna
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Friendly reminder that Sonoko is best yuusha.
Likes like she went full Katawa Life after all.

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Reminder you shouldn't believe faggots from MAL.
Deepest show of the season
I feel like you anons are overhyping a mediocre show.

Like all the other series this week, TG spoiler will also drop a day early, so get in here. Only a few hours left.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love Kaneki
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>fujoshits still in tears
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