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Which Noumu is your favorite?
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the one with just a jaw in top middle
what the fuck is he wearing in the third image
Ochakofag should kill himself.

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With all the video game-related anime and manga floating around, this one has popped up very recently and is kindly being translated by Yuri Project.

Think Saki but with arcade machines and fight sticks.

Dumping first few chapters.
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That was a good start, let's try that with a hi-res cover.
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I like this show, but I don't know why.
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You just want to fuck the retard.
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Because you are dumb.
It's fun to read/watch and pretend she has a legitimate disability, It makes the forced breastfeeding chapter a spectacle.

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How long do you think One Piece will last?
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First for best ship
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30 more years. Giveu and a takeu.
What are your guesses for the new Unprecedented One Piece game?

Cruising the sea, exploring islands, and ship battles as the Straw Hats?

Creating an OC and joining a faction of Pirates, or Marines?

Having an OC and recruit pirates into your crew while you explore with an original story?

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So you mean to tell me that somewhere in deep space there is a clan of Kaguya space aliens that will eventually go fight Naruto?
You know as much as I liked the simple ninja aspect of OG Naruto I have to admit this sounds so damn cool.
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Kill yourself.
This looks worse than i imagined
Why? It's been leading up to this.

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Hey agree desu
Why do you consider Free to be bad?
By being insecurity about his sexuality.

What did she mean by this?
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She likes to drop random movie references like a true autist.
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>Get in loser, we're going spying.
What's with the double-layered steering wheel anyways?

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Got Em!
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Reminder that Jiren one shots Kale
>people are saying krillins elimination is going to be a gag

Please god no
How will Cauliflafags feel when she doesn't get blue and proceeds to get her ass beat by Fureeza?

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How can she move so fast with all that gear??
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>How sad... They haven't learned a thing from their mistakes of the past. It's a tragedy that King Reiss took the memories of the world away from them. Because of that, they make the same mistakes over and over.
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first for based Captain Rico
Attack on titan is really original and unique, I glad anime like this gets popular.

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ITT: Girls with no doujins
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Is it too much to ask
And it's a goddamn crime.
Two nukes wasn't enough.
Rule of thumb is that most dojinshi artists stay away from series that have tons of H since the canon stuff is probably more dirty than what they do,

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Wow, he really did manage piss off literally everybody reading it.
What are some other manga which say fuck you to their audiences?
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What, people were mad that she didn't get laid before popping?
Is this still publishing?
I take it you haven't seen the raws yet mate?
The husband got jealous because her exbf visited her in the hospital (along with others) to congratulate her on her baby, so he got drunk and let a tranny fuck him in the ass on the bed he shares with the wife. He then lays there wondering if it counts as an affair.
Said tranny a mutual friend and was also nonchalantly cheating on another mutual friend.

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Reminder that she is not going away anytime soon.
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I don't watch Boruto but I am getting a strong urge to manhandle this girl whenever I see her
I fucking love Sakura.

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>tfw Diana is not real

How do i kill myself without Pain ?
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Second for dykes playing card games.
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>Episode 3 preview
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Why does the animation in Siegfried vs Karna look kind weird?
I love Astolfo
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prison school.jpg
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Is this not the trashiest, most amazing and refined manga? It is arduous to express in words how sublime this work of art is.
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reminder that mari a best
Better get back to reading this.
of course
she has no competition

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