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ITT: Anime that make you disregard someone's opinion for liking it
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Good bait thread I'll bite

CGL, Toradora, Another, Madoka
Code Geass
Death Note
Steins Gate
one piece

They actually killed the retard off and there's only one chapter left, so don't expect him to come back.

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It's just going to be a full on orgy, it has to be
>almost free at long last
Rip, acno wow, natsu firendship punch don't do a shit, lets play an august so those guys can win and stuff, all 4 the plot.

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One Page Thread
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I want a S2 of ____
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High School of the dead, and make the mangaka a zombie in the show.
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Cyber City Oedo

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I bet you can't think of a single negative thing about Erufuda.
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I prefer the ogre
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Marcille is the superior elf.

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But there's nothing to discuss.
>watch OVA 3
>they go to catch Mountain King or whatever
>Ryou says it's his first time catching fish
Was that incredibly shitty translation or did Mr. Seafood really never catch a fish himself?

Airs in about a half hour.
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I'm exited but it seems nobody really cares for this anime.
doesnt help that the first season wasnt so good so most people lost interest
Three seasons is a lot for people who still haven't watched it -- three seasons of rage of the week format is even worse. Especially since they all aired god knows how many years ago.

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Literally the new Bleach. A lack of direction has been there for a while but the current arc is hammering home what a limited story teller Hori is.
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as long as I have froppy I'll never be stroppy.
>A lack of direction
>First chapter literally tells you what the story is about and its end goal
>Something Bleach didn't have at all
Hori is buying time to think of an actual plot for the villians by slowing the pace down to a halt. Wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't reach 250 chapters since its so bland

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These threads are even more cancerous than the jojo's ones
chrollofags on suicide watch, only reason he won was because he fucking CHEATED and know hisoka KNOWS THAT. Hisoka will fuck up the chrollocuck.
We should honestly boycott Niggastream and their shit translations. Or at least wait until another website posts up their translations. These faggots take so long with HxH because they have no competition. They did the same with Tokyo Ghoul not putting up translations until a day or two after the chapter came out but stopped when other groups started translating and started putting them out immediately.

What's your homo OTP?
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8man and Totsuka
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If only Griffith wasn't such a yandere
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Are you ready for more Pika x Pika?
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Pika will die by chrollo's hands
Is there a chapter today?
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>More Kurapika shit.
Wake me up in 12 years when this mary sue extravaganza is done.

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As in, all the way.
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Through Lala, unity.
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Do japainons also want to die?
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I dont know about them, but I want to die
I'll pull the plug on the life support for you, Aoi.

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This is the best girl
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>this is the best girl
>posts asuka
what the fuck
>Mfw this argument has been going on for 20 fucking years
Will it ever end?
Sadly no. You will die before they give up

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Previous thread

FLAC: https://mega.nz/#!GMtnSCKB!E--RttdbfWukbh_-ICBJnY369p0xCSI9dqx5kYsXc2o
MP3: https://mega.nz/#!SQFT1AqT!Y0nyeXetCS4x0GAQ3-PN8W4i5axGct2ii1ARFKzE5EM

Download +SUBS


Speedwatch (contains subs in cc)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ8T_Ippxdw (embed)
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Anyone else feel like the monogatari series itself would have been far more enjoyable if Kizumonogatari was released directly after Bakemonogatari.
Are these subs any good, though? Or should I wait?
Big time. There's so much subtext in the relationship between Shinobu and Ragi that is missed without these movies.

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