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What did they mean by this?
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Levi has a killer squat game.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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You know I might come off like a fag for criticizing the Levi Ova but fuck it something needs to be said. I get why Levi would have the dead personality after what experienced in the OVA but he already had that personality from the very beginning. If we could see his home life...maybe an alchoholic father, maybe he was raped...something. I want to know why this good looking manlet has the personality of a wet blanket.

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Today is my girlfriend Sharo-chan's BIRTHDAY.
Please wish her a very happy BIRTHDAY.
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Let's get this started.

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Someone says jojo???

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Best boys
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Brainlet boys
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Bestest boys

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Yeah, today I'm reversing the first pages of Yuuna and Kimetsu because of dumb reasons. First page >>159819797

[Side] Today, the forever in debt Kograshi is working again.
"Thank you very much today!"

"Fuyuzora-kun, good work"
"Thanks manager!"

"Today, I'll introduce you to a new worker who turned up in the dining hall"
"Over here!"
"New worker...?"

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Here you go, first page.
Thank you
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"The new worker, Hiougi Karura-san!"

"Fufufu... I'll be working here starting today!"
"Pleasure to work with you... Kogarashi-dono!"

"Y...yeah, nice to meet you"
"Oh, you know wach other?"

"But Hiougi..."
"Can you serve people?"

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Umaru Season 1 was 2015 AOTY.
Umaru OVA was 2016 AOTY
Now Himouto Season 2 will be 2017 AOTY

Is there any way to stop this nugget?
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Umaru's face always makes me smile.
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>Umaru OVA
You mean OVA2, right? Because the based nug has 2 OVAs.

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So, YuYuYu only discussion.
No WaSuYu/NoWaYu/KuMeYu.
Yushabu short sub soon™
Image source: https://twitter.com/m3h3ulaCF7gZmUJ/status/885757490905858048
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Are you on team tourismoney or on team doujins of yuushas selling their bodies to faceless dudes and dudettes
Such a shit topic to bring up on the first post.
Personally there is not much we can do about it, but I hope it doesn't create any kind of backlash from the city and the council. There will be media coverage and city officials at the event, just hope they don't visit that booth.
>Official and press shows up
>Hundreds of doujin about being nice and civic duty are showcased
>They leave
>All the hand-holding doujins are released

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So we go to an assassin with a death beam to universal destruction? how?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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with the power of money
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You're in the club and this guy slaps your gf's ass. What do you do?

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Why isn't he the protagonist?
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BnHA's biggest open secret is that most of Class 1-A are awesome enough to be the protagonist,
Because he'd burn out pretty quickly.
Because he's boring and uninteresting, even more so then deku.

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Friendly reminder that Naruto doesn't actually die. It's just bait for suspense, as Kishi has done many times in the past.
There is no way this underage edgelord is strong enough to kill Naruto. At the most he just temporarily sent him to another dimension, especially since no context is given to his scene with Bort
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Why didn't Itachi take his father's mangekyou sharingan?
probably didn't know at the moment that magenkyo sharingans decay over their use. When he noticed, maybe his father body had already decayed
I still cant figure out how they trade eyes and fuse them.

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Cute ED.
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>The OP started right after this
I love stuff like this.
Are we ever going to see the insert song from ep 1 again? It was a lot better than the shit we have now.
Why is that bunny (androgynous) so lewd

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It's out: http://readms.net/r/neverland/047/4430/1

I hope someone else can dump.
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Kids are being dumb, even if they do find a way to cross over why would the human world want some disgusting farm runaway refugees crawling with demon germs?
I liked that they acknowledged the fact that the kids don't actually know whether the human history is made up or not. Bias from knowing Earth's history made me jump straight from "1000 years old divide" to "the human technology must have come from somewhere."
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After the chapter is dumped, should I dump some of my favorites?

I want to commit so much sin with the Shalltear Bloodfallen that it would make Peroroncino blush!
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I still wonder why Albedo always get more votes than Shalltear or Aura
Bigger tits, when/if Aura grows up she'll probably overtake Albedo in votes.
If she grows up she'll lose votes, anon. 90% if her appeal to the fans comes from the fact that she's a loli.

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Fairy Tail chapter 544 is out


Mashima did it once again. The power of friendship won once more.
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power of semen
48 pages for the final chapter next week. I'm not even sure what's going to be covered to be honest, there's not really that much more to do.
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Remember when Mashima gave a shit? Now he's just a glorified ecchi artist that doesn't have the balls to switch to hentai.

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