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Get lost. You wouldn't recognize a goddamn vampire if one jumped up and bit you on the end of your fucking dick
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When did Griffith learn how to drive?
10/10 dialogue
You reminded me I wanted to see this. Take this bump as thanks.

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Who is the most overrated anime girl of all time?
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Fujiko Mine
get out

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Hail the baldgod
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Pride Troopers, I'm Universe 6
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so is it cheating or masturbation?

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You told me this turd about dancing giraffes was the AOTS
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fuck you
Because it wasn't moe or shonen and we're all faggots
because it is.

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What the fuck was her problem?
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Her personality was too forced.
Nozaki was a pedophile.
No problem. Seo is the perfect woman.

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Why didn't Ferid remove her clothes before sticking her into the wall? Isn't it common sense?
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Why would you stick someone in a wall, anyway?
To fuck them
immobilazation is usually a key feature of bdsm play

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Waiting for the chapter
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Did Araki base Tank Man off this guy?
Cursed image
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I am not a product, I am the result...

When you guys make /a/ watches channels, how do you do it? What media service do you use with cytube? Is there a good way to make the subtitles to stick after you upload, or do you just use hardsubs?
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>there will never be a wadanohara anime
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so far cytube isn't letting subs go through, have alice tits
I use google drive to host stuff for cytube. You can add a .srt to a drive file after it's uploaded and play it through cytube.

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Remember when Yugi couldn't attack Mako Tsunami's monsters because the were all underwater, so he ordered his stone soldier to attack the moon and it caused to ocean to dry up?
That was pretty sick.
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To this day my brain hurts...so gonna use polymorph with that elephant and that arrow to hurt your blue eyes ultimate dragon and make his attack decay.......
What was his original Japanese name?
I'm going to be honest with you /a/ I never read the manga. When Konami started making a real cardgame with real rules (wasn't it around Battle City?), did Kazuki Takahashi go along with their rules or continue having crazy bullshit duels like Duelist Kingdom's?

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How come we never had many threads about Frame Arms Girls? It was pretty good.
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What what?
I want to fuck Bukiko.

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Is it worth watching?
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you wouldn't even know about it if it weren't
just because something is talked about doesn't mean it's good
Lurk, go to /wsr/, or just fucking watch it, retard.

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What order do I watch Macross? Seems like my kinda thing but with so many films and shows, how do I know which ones are good?
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1. Original TV (GOAT)
2. DYRL (fun and looks cool)
3. Zero (backstory, somewhat okay)
4. Plus (90s af)
5. Frontier TV (cute girls, good songs, shit otherwise)
6. Frontier movies (look good, less story than Frontier which is a plus given Frontier's story)

Skip the others they blow
Thanks guy
Why would the answer to this question be anything but production order?

Its raining retards
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> MC has a cute loli foxgirl
> Just makes her buy him candy and shit
Is this typical of Chinese MCs?
Chinks fear the cunt so they marketize it
I dropped this 15m in
I'm mainly watching it because they chose a great cast for the Japanese version.

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What is this face trying to convey?
Post Friends doing animal things.
I'll rewatch this show soon to heal my soul

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Why are there literally only two isekai manga series with female MCs being translated now, and both have stalled translations?

Surely there are plenty of female MC isekai manga running in Japan nw?
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There's a lot of Light Novels and one of them which is fairly popular is getting an adaption into a Manga next month. So expect scanlations for that
but why are there only two now
I guess males can't self insert Into to a female Mc. While females don't usually care when reading isekai with male MCs

And which two are you talking about?

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