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Did the basement reveal kill the discussion?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
I honestly don't care about this series anymore, so I hope it wraps up soon and Eren fucks Mikasa into a coma.
Annie stinks

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He is big guy.
Why does he wear the mask?
Those are not the subs I ordered.

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Fairy Tail's final chapter is next week. After 545 weeks of potentially some of the worst writing in the history of literature and some of the sexiest 2D ever drawn, we've finally reached the end.

How do you remember Fairy Tail?

Who are you shipping in the finale?

How are you planning on celebrating?

It's worth noting that the purpose of this manga's existence has nothing to accomplish in the end considering that there was no end goal anyway other than to be in a fucking guild. It doesn't help that the plot changed over half-way into the manga itself. Was there really a point for Mashima to write this?
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>it's finally ending
sweet release from this hell
>After 545 weeks
More, actually. Even if we count double chapters, there are 4 occasions during a year when there's no chapter. Dunno about hiatuses/missing weeks.
The only thing that saddens me will be the departure of Erza and Lucy. It's a shame that doujin creators have almost completely neglected such a huge manga.

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Lets Love Umi!
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Happy Sea's day.
Sniff Umi
Let's rape Umi!

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Why don't females in Anime ever wear pants ?
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Because pants on women are dumb.
Shits gay dude.
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They do sometimes

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I want to MARRY this abomination.
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I like this kind of monster girl.
What did Farlyn do to deserve this?

Dead show of the saeson

Will you give in and get a HiDive account to watch it?
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Is this like samurai flamenco?
>a HiDive account
A what?
Man I miss locodol.

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Why do "villains" like to reference literature?
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Urobutcher was told that this would make the character more interesting.
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Villains like to remind you that they went to college.

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Hellsing TV > Ultimate
This show is the cringiest shit.
Kill yourself heathen

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does this count

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A cute spy offers you a glass of wine

What do?
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What a cute dress.
Literally what the fuck is happening?

Is someone making an infographic? I can't follow shit.
Now that all the shitposting is done, let's talk about the episode.


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Holy mother of God, how often do you expect one to upgrade their video playback system?
I'm still using a build from 2014 and I can play everything perfectly fine. Why should I update? Sell it to me.

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Why haven't they made an anime about Sada Abe?!?


Which seiyuu should play her?
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Either Shizuka Ito or Sayaka Ohara.
Oshima already made a film. And the story is too serious for otaku.
There's already an outstanding movie based on her. It's very well known here in France. My parents have the VHS

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What the hell is wrong with animators? This triggers me than your usual isekai trash. The eyebrows, oh my god THE EYEBROWS. Why do they draw them like that? Why the hell do eyebrows stand out in front of hair? This is plain stupid, it doesn't make sence, it's like you glue those eyebrows on your wig. And it's not even that hard to draw eyebrows properly, all you need is just draw them first and add layer of hair over them (if you draw it digitally) and it's perfect.
I can't believe nobody has mentioned this before. I remember some of the earlier animes had perfectly drawn eyebrows, but now they just glue some wires on their hairs. Disgusting
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translucent hair.
>black translucent hair
Scientists would love that
It's been around for a while, fucko. I'm not an expert on the matter, but I assume it's mostly done for stylistic reasons or to better show characters emotions. Honestly, it's always annoyed me a little, but I can get past it easily because I'm not an autistic child

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