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So... they're lesbians, right?
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Not every girl who eats out her friends on the weekends is a lesbian. Some girls just need to supplement their allowance.
They're Nyamo and Yukarin 2.0.
So probably.

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if we dont get to bonedad im gunna be bonemad
..Is unwatchable / readable because of loli main charakters and the wierd art style.
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Don't worry, let's believe. I just hope his VA is announced soon so I can get an idea of how he's going to sound like and so we can have a 100% confirmation that he will appear.

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Care for a dance?
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No, in the commotion your boobs might pop out, and that would be really bad.
Leave the flops to me
#pripri is pretty gud after 2 episodes. I only wish the characters were a bit older since I can't take killer loli spies really serious.

How do I get tomoko to like me?
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Smile and say hi. She will probably ponder about the deeper meaning behind it all for weeks.
Do you own a dick?

tomoko's into girls too

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Say something nice about the guro skink!
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what's her name again?
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She has kinda crazy eyes I like it

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Kirino could had a great relationship with Ruri it wasn't for K
anyway, Kirino and la pucelle can enjoy each other
I don’t get it.

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Rate this out of 10
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So when is that Asterisk yuri spin-off getting animated?
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Claudia a best. A BEST.
worst girl, it's why THE shitposter uses her as his cover
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I think that's just your shittaste showing.

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What? He literally ended up with a younger more beautiful girl. I would say he dodged a bullet.
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Real niggas watches this and then netsuzou trap for true enlightenment
so if you help someone they are obligated to marry you? that's what I'm getting from everyone who is angry about this

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Would Frankenstein be a good mother?
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goddammit frankenstein it was page 2
Cute father and son.
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This was a good episode, to conclude, I would like to say that we all want an anime original ending where Astolfo wins the MCbowl.

Which fairy is your favorite?
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This one.
I was wondering why Earth was blushing since what she is wearing isn't any more revealing than her normal clothes, then I saw where her hand was.

When it comes to elements, Fire is always best.
I wanna fuck Muse


who the fuck are we supposed to be rooting for here? There's so many fucking characters and so many fucking servants I don't know who the fuck to root for. Are there even bad guys or good guys?

>"The yggdrasil family is pretty fucked up"
>"ah yes but the church man also has a band of evil looking cunts"
>"ah yes but the mages association is also pretty fucked up"

who the fuck do i root for
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Why the fuck do you need a side to root for? What is this fucking mentality?
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It doesn't matter anon, everyone dies.

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This is my beautiful wife for forever
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The anime adaptation should never have happened.
the anime adaption was the greatest thing to happen to anime in the last 5 years. suck shit moefags.

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Bullying thread
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Were Jun Maeda's other works just as autistic as Charlotte, or was Charlotte just especially bad? He writes like somebody who has never interacted with another human being in his entire life.
Heh, he sure knows his target audience.
>He writes like somebody who has watched a few seasins of "Heroes".

Anime really needs more evil elves.
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>evil elves
Isn't that a tautology?
>Evil elves
There's such a thing as good elves?
All elves have evil in their heart, some are just domesticated.

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