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Why are Nazi-Angels so sexy?
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Expectations for tonight's episode? Will we just get more CMGDCMGT or will they sneak in more of the dark undertones?
In the manga the really dark stuff is usually seperated from the cute monstergirls slice of life stuff.
They do sneak in the dark sides of political correctness more often though
because they stuff their bras

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Where the FUCK is the second episode??? Get your shit together raw cappers!!!! This shit fucking aired several hours ago already!
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Or your just too retarded to do some proper research for why things don't work they way you want

> Episode 2 got pushed back because of a special event going on during its original time slot. We should be getting it on the 16th 1:35AM - https://twitter.com/ballroom_anime/status/885801105770164225
Calling other people retarded.
Please...little grammatical issues in a for me non native language doesn't compare to mister "muh episode" up there. Then again some sort of damage control was to be expected, not digging exactly deep there

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Can we have a TG thread?
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Two days until vol 12 drops and not a word of the volume bonus art. Japs are as suspicious as I am.
It might be an even worse spoiler than the vol 11 extras.
Rip Touka, Rip Urie. Rip based Ghoulbro who turned out to be utterly useless.
Where the fuck is Amon AGAIN?

Nanatsu no Taizai S2 confirmed for Winter 2018

Sugita confirmed for Escanor.
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Explains why there's a game coming
I tried watching season one, but this show pisses me off. The villains win when the author needs them to win, and the heroes win when the author needs them to win. Nothing ever feels earned, and there's no logical consistency.

A good battle shounen has to feel natural. Meanwhile, Nanatsu no Taizai feels like a bad DM who's going to take the story in his own direction no matter what the characters do.

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Name me one character in anime and manga that can beat Altair in fight.
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She would annihilate Altair with head-pats and tender affectionate hugs.

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He is supposed to be a good guy
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I know exactly what demographic this is appealing to.
They'll rewrite Hikayu's virginity back in right?

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/his/ here and I hope that Empress label Hikayu got from Altair's Holopsicon power really has meaning.

I am really hoping that she has an alternate scenario form a la Muv-Luv Alternative and that she is a woman of power, rather than "empress" being metaphorical, like for idol. If she turns out to be a literal empress, hands down, Re:Creators will be AOTS for me at least.

Hoshikawa "God Empress of Mankind readying to unclothe herself for her Prince-Consort." Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Fight the Xenos, Purge the Heretics" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "The second coming of Wu Zetian" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "I've slept with more men than Catherine the Great, but that won't stop me from annexing your lands" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Wishes she had more orifices like Theodora" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Virginity is a power limiter, Elizabeth was a moron" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Conquer the Milky Way like Reinhard von Lohengramm" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Cuck Yang Wen-li by taking Heinessen behind his back" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "She cries then takes your land, Maria-Theresa 2.0" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Bringing Antony down like Cleopatra with her imperial wiles" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Himiko has got nothing on me" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Altair is a Moorish Arabic name and I am Isabella of Castille" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "Polish King (Female) Jadwiga" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "I'm like Sumika except I pilot the Ship of State" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "How many divisions does Madokami have?" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "The so-called Malvinas are rightful British clay" Hikayu

Hoshikawa "I am Empress of the Milky Way, Vega is my consort and you must submit Altair." Hikayu

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They'll rewrite her virginity back in right?
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Kill yourself, dumb crossboarder.
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> Implying God-Empress needs virginity.

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Becouse i see in the movie: "The Battle for Doldrey", Zodd is not present in the battle!
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And I would like to know if the first Berserk series is canonical for the manga?
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first Berserk series ( anime 1997/98 )*
same thing happened in the manga if I remember correctly. First series is canonical except for the exclusion of Puck and Skull Knight.

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pick your yomi.jpg
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How can other archetypes ever compete?
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That's not an archetype
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Twintails > Hime
Shit taste. Shit.

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We'll finally get episode 2 today, I hope. Does this mean Ballroom airs on Sundays?
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Best boy hype.
Pretty sure we only got ep 1 early because of Amazon.
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I'll dump the preview shots.

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>Vegeta scene
>Bad to the Bone starts playing
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Best OTP.
Is there anyone who could possibly defeat Boto Magetta?!
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Leave Jobhan to me

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What car does an imouto ride?
A Nissan!
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Nice one bAobab
i don't get it
can someone explain pls???

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ITT: Lost in translation
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Thats how I would thank anyone that returned my ojou-samas.
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>some asshole might get her pregnant
>might fuck your wife
you lose everytime
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Not if you chain them and lock them in a cage.
Clearly the only option is to chain your kids up in the basement.
Not if you fuck your daughter and son first until they are addicted to your dick.

How did Saber counter Sasaki's hax?
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His sword was damaged and she has A+ Luck
He didn't know if it was an African or a European swallow.

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