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Chapters 39+

Today, our last dive starts.
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Rape episode next week
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swiggitty swooty
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Empire is comin for that booty

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What the FUCK did I just watch?
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End of Evangelion
Badoka Trashica's sequel. Of course it's no better than the shitshow that precedes it.
a cashgrab movie

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Reminder that you will never have your own orphanage.
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Garbage show. Thanks for tricking me again, /a/.
This scene was so unnecessary
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On the off chance you aren't trolling.

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>there wasn't a re zero episode this morning
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that must be why I woke up smiling
You do realise it was not the best show ever right?
I don't even remember the main character's name the show had no impact.
It was just 20 something episodes of fucking nothing. We barely learned anything about the witch and all we got is the protagonist dying a bunch of times. Most other anime manage to give a plot or explenation in the first 3 episodes.
Yeah. Cause it's over. Why the fuck did you think it was gonna get more than two seasons with that ending?

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Every year has one show that's so popular it even leaks into normal people's attention. 2013 had Attack on Titan
2014 had Tokyo Ghoul
2015 had One Punch Man
2016 had Re;Zero (debatable)

This year has what Eromanga Sensei? Boku no Hero?

pic unrelated
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literally nothing (((yet)))
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i don't watch non-hand-drawn, i couldn't tell you an anime that came out after naruto
Isn't BnH nosales?

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>[HorribleSubs] Knight's & Magic - 03 [720p].mkv
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I'm gonna need both hands for this one

He looks so cute.
So are these two old fucks evil?

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Leave me to me.
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Caulilfa sucks
>"kuririn's true power"

>hype solar flare x100
>"so powerful not even closing your eyes work!"

>doesn't work on sunglasses
>doesn't hit random background fighters
>use it only once against a blind furshit who just comments how useless it is

>hype kuririn's training with goku so much
>"new way to control ki"

>doesn't use it

>hype team work with 18 so much
>"this tournament is about teamwork, goku, 18-chan and me will work together"

>18 can't warn kuririn frost is behind him

>kuririn's literal true power this episode was smelly feet
>but muh experience
>5 minutes in
>already out

>outlasted by Roshi
>outlasted by Tien

>didn't see buu, cell, dabura, trunks, goten or future trunks for this shit

Humans were a mistake
>Goku leaves Chichi for a R34 version of himself

It's like my Japanese fanfics.

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What did she mean by this?
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this is the NTR arc
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vegeta got a new job
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First for Cauli

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>Imagine a black man is hunting you!
How was this allowed?
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>You want to be an airborne ranger, you want to live a life of danger, you don't want to get raped by strangers!

It wasn't the current year.
it wasnt a time where you can go to jail for saying things

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It's probably one week or so until healing (maybe in two chapters). How would you have healed her?
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Moreover, what do you think Maomao said to her?
Are you that desperate, anon? Damn, having caps.

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Is this satire, or is the author actually trying to push some lesson on the viewers?

Will I get cute mon girls? Or is this gonna turn in to some series that just pushes it's views on me
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You are in for a ride.
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The series goes into a different direction.
What the fuck, that Hitler isn't cute or loli

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Why did he pick Asuna over his superior sister again?
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He's a moralfag, why the FUCK do you think?
Doesn't he actually plow her though

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What does /a/ think of genderbent Kirito?
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Shit with tits is still shit
It'd make the anime 10 times better.
Shame 10 * 0 is still 0.

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Episode 3 in less than 1 hour.
>3 episodes in
>It's a beach episode
They're going all out
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Character relationship chart, if you still don't have a clue about the girls. Also the sheet of each character:
Well that was quicker than expected.
Hina logic have bath scene nearly every episode,this is not the worst though.

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