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anyone else reading this?
the premise is interesting even if its crossing lines I didn't think I'd tolerate.
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Generally as a rule I don't like reading things that create a throbbing bulging strain, aching to burst out of my pants.
took 10 minutes to figure out you were talking about an erection.
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Do you think she's going to realize or find out about him having his father's memories?

>Saves everyone from the subspace
>Resolve isn't shaken by that dumb cunt complaining about her saving a kid's life
>"Even if it happens again, I'd do the same thing every time because I know it's right."
>Ignite (supposedly) has drawbacks
>There was almost even a full conversation without a fight starting in the middle of it
AXZ is significantly less bad than I was worried it'd be.
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I fixed her.
After season 3, I knew the only place to go was up, so I wasn't worried.

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anyone read/reading this?
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No, but it looks interesting.
author of Gantz if thats worth anything.
I have a trip next week, migth read it if im not the one driving.

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Her smile is as fake as her virginity. Fake. Sad
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Fun show.
It's not a lie
>[HorribleSubs] Princess Principal - 02 [720p].mkv
So she is used goods? Good to know that I can just avoid this

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very good
Is this worth watching?

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All Trigger Staff Loves _____ !!
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By the way, I've heard stage 5 sucks.
Is it correct?
Or should I watch it?
The last race has good song, but honestly every stage has lesser writting quality than the former one, first stage being the only legitimate good one.

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Whats her charm?
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Cute, emotional, loyal girl with a deep and passionate inner world that you could explore forever. Fairly introverted and also isolated due to her sickness, meaning that you'd become a very important part of her world if you befriended her due to how small that world has always been.
Being a cockroach and in a shitty anime will do it for KEYAIDS fans

Why does anime have them?
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so i can have them as my waifu because everyone forgets about them
because why not?
as long as they are amusing, I care not

but the one in your pic doesn't amuse
Because anime aims to mimic life, and in real life, some people are useless, like you for example.

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Femto is objectively the WORST godhand. Here's why.
>looks like a generic /co/ villain
>doesn't look interesting, scary, sexy, or gross, just laughable and bland
>name means "10^-15", which is really fucking small, probably the size of his dick
>doesn't have any interesting abilities
>has no personality
>doesn't benefit the god hand in any way, just screws them over because of his own desires
>nobody likes him until he goes back to being Griffith
>generally a huge fucking loser

Why did Griffith sacrifice his friends for this again? Honestly being Femto is barely better than being a cripple.
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>doesn't benefit the god hand in any way, just screws them over because of his own desires
Do the godhand have a goal beyond just chilling in the abyss and fucking over humans?
Don't they fulfil the will of the Idea of Evil?
Assuming that chapter is still canon, I suppose.

How would you describe your feelings towards Eriri?
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Eriri a shit.
If we had real proper VR I would want my VR girlfriend to be like her.
The feeling one has to a best girl.

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Here's my idea for an isekai
mc gets hit by a truck and teleported to a faraway land
he suddenly appears in the Iberian peninsula and has to take a plane ride back home
1 episode
mc gets hit by a truck and dies
family thinks it was a suicide
manga about the suffering of mc's relatives when they go through his stuff and hidden porn folders on his computer
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Don't do it. The story became excellent as soon as the faggot ass author abandoned the project. There was a comlete genre and demographic shitft.

MC goes from absoultely bland shit pussy to absolutely flawed anti-hero.

Was it possible to not to have a massive boner during this scene?
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Did they get subs out for this? Haven't checked Nyaa in a while.
Yea subs are out m8
Only if you are gay

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and also he rejected her because he didn't think he was worthy

tl;dr he's a piece of shit who can't decide which girl to like but he likes both
Dear diary today OP was a fag and a slowking.
Your own fault for getting emotionally invested in this piece of shit

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>OP by (K)NoW_NAME
>9fag memes
Kana boon did any OPs?

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