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So what happened to the prisma thread, is the anti loli mod out and about again or what?
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There's always anti loli idiots who stumpled onto the wrong website reporting the threads so that's not really the issue, although I do wish they would go to a place more suited for them, the issue is when you get the mods(or janitors more likely) that don't even know the rules of the boards.

Most of the janitors here are actually fine and just delete the shitposts and falseflags while leaving the loli and prisma threads up, but occasionally you get the guy that probably stumpled upon /a/ by accident.

Oh well, I guess this thread can just die as it's not a great start for a thread and it would be better to have a new one of the manga spoilers tomorrow.
>lolis are going to be banned by 2020
Feels good famalam.
Were you discussing anime or manga in it?

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Hey did give a character from show about tragedy, drama, depression, forgiveness and self acceptance the nick name "Anal"?

Doesn't that seem kind of a perverse?
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IIRC, the show was originally gonna be a bit more light hearted. I guess the staff liked the pun and kept that aspect.
life is x-rated
a n a l

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Is there any info on this? Specifically:
>Is anyone actually ripping anime in 4K?
>Will it be a shitty upscale?
>Both nyaa clones and AB all don't have options for 4K anime (the only site I know that does is OT, rather ironically) so where would it be uploaded?
>I don't know shit about BD ripping, but I remember reading somewhere that they "haven't cracked" 4K bluray encoding, will that be an issue?
>Should I just shill out a hundred NEETbucks?
General Kimi no na wa hype thread too (O N E D A Y L E F T)
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Forget 4k, is there a subbed bluray rip at all, in 1080p? I didn't see anything on pantsu.cat
It's coming out on the 26th (the bluray that is.) All that's out now are the shitty funimation(?) version and the one with chink subs.
It's just an upscale.

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mommy wanted a girl. how are you going to make her happy?
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It kinda sucks when you're told by your mom that.

Especially when you've had sorta girly thoughts, and want to crossdress.
Mommy should have had more kids, instead of wasting her 20s riding the cock carousel and aborting any "accidents".
wait really?

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Am I just supposed to pretend this fucking cancer doesn't exist? 2012-2016 KyoAni was shit, and you all know it
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>Not liking Amaburi

Shit thread
Me on the left
I liked Amagi.

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Oh wait this manga is legitimately about pedophilia
I thought those were just memes
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stop judging their culture you bigot
there is literally nothing wrong with pedophilia
>this manga is legitimately about pedophilia

Did you even read it, OP?
>But her surprise at learning her new husband, Karluk, is eight years younger than her is quickly replaced by a deep affection for the boy and his family.
>As the two of them learn more about each other through their day-to-day lives, the bond of respect and love grows stronger.

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Pick one.
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Easy. Black is best.
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I want both.
Why do they wear eggs? Japanese pun?

I am in love, /a/.

That said, it's really offsetting how nothing in this show is even remotely original. All characters are carbon copies of popular characters from other series.

Yae is more than just a little inspired on Sakura Taisen's main heroine, and the twins might as well have been called Ryou and Kyou. Even have the same personalities.
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No shit it's unoriginal, That's literally Reimu
>implying anyone on /a/ watched sakura taisem
>The unimaginative characters are what threw you off
>Not the plot

So far, the whole series is the equivalent of some guy finding the last piece to a puzzle under the sofa, and everyone praising him for it. And it happens all of the time. Fuck, the only things he actually used his smartphone for so far is using Google Maps to find an inn and to look up ice cream on Wikipedia. What's the point of a gimmick if it's never used in the first place?

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The manga might just be borderline hentai, but you can't say the protag doesn't have a sense of duty and honour
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Is that his honor, or his libido talking?
he wants to fuck several girls to save them from dying of their curse so maybe both?
He only resolved to fuck them after finding about the curse, and also destroying the evil god causing it. I'd say it's mostly out of a sense of duty. If it was just about Libido he could just bang random girls all day.

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From just looking at the cover it looks like something that chuuni would make. It seems very edgy and is probably similiar to dxd. The only reason as to why I would watch this show is for the cute girls, waifus and the ridiculous outfits that they wear.But browsing porn about fate characters would be alot better and faster than stiffling through the numerous shows that it has.

I am somewhat curious about the series since it has alot of animated shows but just looking at female characters makes me think that fate is probably another generic pervert harem show

Anyways as the title suggested why is fate series so popular and liked?
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its just a chuunige
dangerously erotic
You need to lurk for 2 years before posting. Go read the VN.

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One Piece has a live action TV series in the works.
What's your ideal cast?
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addendum to OP's post

I hope Oda sets higher standards than he set for the anime
Seems like he has, for now. Hopefully they actually listen to him. I'm interested to see how it turns out.
>Direct linking to Polygon

I knew /a/ was lost cause, but this too?

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Anyone else reading this?
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>tfw don't read it yet because I want to finish the anime first but I forgot what episode I stopped
anyone working on the ova?
start over from the start?

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>ITT: We write the plot for an anime

Hideo spent all his days and nights perfecting a robot...
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and remained a virgin till the day he died...his robot was a sex robot
But a truck ran over his corpse
and his skeleton escaped into the world

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