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Would you date a vegan elf?
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One more strike and she's out.
>shitty tree elf
>not even high elf
burn the forest down
But you can teach her the pleasure of meat.

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Besides that one chapter
But she does care about dick, in fact there is one that's very concerning to her.

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I L I T E R A L L Y can't watch more than one episode of this shit because of this stupid retarded photoshopped in hairclip. How in fucks name did ANYONE think this was okay? It bothers me so fucking much that it's impossible to even pay attention to anything else. It doesn't look good ever, it doesn't actually clip anything, it's bright pink, it's huge, and worst of all IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF HER FUCKING HEAD SO IT'S LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO IT WHEN SHE APPEARS ON SCREEN. It's ruined. Everything about this anime is ruined before I can even get a chance to like it in the first place. Did the person who design this character not know what a hair clip was and so they thought "why don't I just put it in the middle of her head so everyone notices she has a hair clip?"
Is her retarded hair clip plot relevant enough to make me forget about how annoying it is to look at? If not, I just can't continue.
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Her hairclip is cute. Please calm down.
I want Shinka to slap me around, kick me in the balls, and tell me that I'll be her dog.

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Its magic!
I aint going to explain shit Rei-kun
Nips are retarded that way.
Is there a villain more justified in enslaving mankind to an evil AI than UNRYUUUUUJIIIIIIIIII.....

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Zeta Gundam is kino
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You forgot the title of the thread anon, here I'll help you.
>ITT we reveal that we are newfags.
ZZ wasn't so bad.

newfags literally think all Gundam is SD Gundam.
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That's not how you say Turn A.

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If you could turn one book/video game/movie into an anime which one would it be and how would you handle it (e.g. episode count, studio, VAs etc.)? Pic maybe related.
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The Primarchs.jpg
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Horus Heresy Ufotable 2 seasons
Gaunts Ghosts series, Gainax, 1 season per book
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>which one
Positronic Man
>episode count
~~6 episode OVA
resurrect Shiozawa Kaneto with dark arts for him to play Andrew Martin

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Is Totsuka cute?
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Is water wet?
Dude this is a Christian image board, you can't post a picture of a topless girl here
No, she is sexy.

This shit is worse than Kirito and SAO. And on top of that, terrible and cheap animation makes it even worse. Why would anyone make such shit?
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Stay mad Kiritofag
For otakus to buy

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I miss Mikan so much.
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I miss Mikan's mom so much.
I miss Yui, Nemesis and Tearju. Fuck Mikan
Stop with your meme Incestfag
Thats why I fap to her.

pics of best girl only
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>OP by fhána
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>art by shadman
File: 1470294414416.png (199KB, 369x513px)Image search: [Google]
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>that art style
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I get what the artist is attempting with the red nose but on a non-realistic face, it looks shit.

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Why did Gary Oak have cheerleaders?
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They couldn't ignore his girth
Because Professor Oak bought those cheerleaders to make him feel better, in truth, they view Gary as a loser.

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messed up the garnish.jpg
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Have any of you anons ever tried cooking something you saw in an anime?
I had the urge to try out Omurice after watching Erased or something like that.
I fucked up the ketchup garnish though
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I tried making okonomiyaki but I fucked it up because of the recipe and my own incompetence.
I tried eating egg on rice after I started watching Gintama. I fucking love that shit now. I loved it from the first time I tried it but only after looking for a proper way to prepare meat to it I've found its true potential. I was eating that shit 3 times a day. Because of that I burned out on it and don't prepare it often but I still like it a lot.

Is Japan actually cured from the pure maiden disease?

We are getting many series with sluts these days.
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thats a pure slut though, only interested in her husbando
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And they're all flopping, what's your point?
If you've ever payed attention to their commercials, they seem to be stuck in the 90s. Give it ten years before they'll be interested in actual sloots.

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big 3.jpg
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These are your Big 3 for tonight.
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>literally who
One Piece is still a thing?
When I look at the Black Clover dude all I can think about is Fairy Tail, and surprise, surprise, they're pretty similar.

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