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So are there any good theories on WTF has been going on the past ~10 chapters? Or is everybody clueless as I am?
seems pretty straight forward to me, Agni's no longer burning, and is looking for a reason to live, or to die, which happens to be his notLuna at the moment.
Not Luna took away Agni's fire and Agni is insane since 8 years of being on fire makes one not think too good.

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What kind of mother says something like that so casually?
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A son-con kind of mother.
The kind who wants to create more children with her son
cute mom

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As we all know, KyoAni's evil twin, or Anti-KyoAni, which is located right beside KyoAni's main office, has been putting out anime for just as long as KyoAni has. Can you name some of the works published by Anti-KyoAni? Pictured are KyoAni and Anti-KyoAni's headquarters.
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You mean Anime Do?
I just finished their first anime ever, Mister Kobayashi, The Dragon's Butler. What a bleak, cruel show.
I heard about that one. To think someone would make an anime so explicit with its child cruelty, like starving them to death and raping them. The director must have a very dark mind.

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My wife cocoa is cute.
cocoa cocoa you are my only cocoa
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>want something genuine, which is out of his reach
>can't settle for anyone because of muh genuine thing
>cry like a bitch

What's his problem?
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fuck you
>Yukino portrayed as smartest girl in Chiba
>she's actually really dumb

He's not a shallow asshole?

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Worst girl thread?
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you're waifu
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this one
Why would someone dislike Kud?

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Is this one of the better shoujo series out in the market at the moment?
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I know now why Izana decided to separate them for a while. It's because he knew if he left them together he'd have at least two royal bastards by now.
Man I don't know, I'm starting to exclusively read shoujo these days. I think I need help. This is one of the best
Season 2 of the anime when, the production quality was so good

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Starting with an easy one.
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Mai Hime
Nah dtb was a mess but it was still decent.

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How does Rin treat her fans?
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who is this nerd and why do you keep posting her? she doesn't even look that good she's like an average jap girl that can groom herself properly. jesus christ get yourself together.
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She treats her old men fans very well.
For the right price that is.

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Literally the cringiest anime of all time
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how can something be more cringe than op?
You were born 10 years too late to be able to appreciate it.
>I've seen, like, 9 shows so I happen to be an expert on this topic

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what's his fucking problem?
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he just needed a friend
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this has to be the single greatest panel of shounen manga in history.

it's like if you took all the autism in the world and compressed it into a single space this is the image it would spontaneously generate.

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Why is the Dark Fantasy setting so criminally underutilised in Anime?
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Because not cute.

Also fictions and settings tend to get darker and darker longer it exists in the cultural psyche.

Western Fantasy really doesn't have any connection to average Japanese person so themes rarely get explored.

Western Fantasy is mostly through video games and that's why there's a metric fuck ton of "works like my rpgs" manga.
Japan doesn't really have much of a cultural background when it comes to death.
The black plague and wars created such iconography and cultural shock that to this day the West is much more apt at expressing it. You can see the same in countries with a Mesoamerican background.
Japan does the "foreign influence" theme better though.
Because anime is mostly for Otaku, and Otaku just want waifus and escapist power fantasies that relieve them from their miserable lives.

Name an anime that wasted their potential more than Gunslinger Girl.

First season
>A combination of psychological and philosophical themes covered by amazing classical music and elegant animation. A masterpiece among others.

Second season
>Lazy animation and slow-motions. All the heavy themes from the first season are gone. The ambience is cheerful and careless. The girls have become stereotypical plain schoolgirls.

Anything that made this serie good is gone. Such a shame.
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Last Exile. First season one of my all-time favorites. Second season had some intriguing ideas, but all the interesting stuff took a back seat to cute girls doing cute things in the air. And that ending, holy fuck.
Zero realisticity. Little girls turning into cyborgy mind-slave and serving as killer agents is as far as the depth of the plot can go.
Also, no philosophical theme that is within the conventional academic frame was present in this crap show. Dick-hard characters brewing with male hormone looking at little girls who do anything as what you tell them can only pass as a cheap SEA kiddie porn.
Coyote Ragtime Show had potential, the first episode was unforgettably awesome. Then it just became gradually less memorable with every episode.

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