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I think this chapter is the last, and the only one without a double-page spread.

>Inuyashiki 085 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Thanks so much, looking forward to TYE. I thought it would end at 86, but this looks like an end, yeah.
Another boring ending by Gantz author

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What went wrong?
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Nothing. It just took way too long for them to kiss.
Rumiko run out of ideas around a quarter into it.
Kikyo didn't win the inuyashabowl

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gantz cover.png
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>Kyoani moeblob in edgy seinen

Am I the only one that was ok with the ending?
I liked her, and how she facilitated Kei's growth from an edgy cunt into a real fucking hero.

I will say, back when Gantz was ongoing, I hated her. But back then, I was a fucking retarded teenage virgin, so yeah.

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Why is talking about balls in an open class okay in Japanese schools?
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I wont be surprised if Mineta becomes a rapist and a villain in a future arc... not surprised at all.
fucking delete this shitty grape

Do you think P.A. Works makes good anime?
What's your favorite?

I've been watching a lot of slice of life stuff lately and I really liked Shirobako!! I've been obsessed with Sakura Quest too, even ifnothing happens in it and everyone here thinks it's boring.
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Not really.
They've made some "OK" stuff like Shirobako and some absolutely terrible shit like Glasslip. They're below average.
True Tears

Would you watch a Isekai where the guy tries to build a normal life? As peasant, artisan or the like.
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>Would you watch a Isekai
Only if he fails and becomes a splendid cheat harem bastard.
Would it be like Shirobako?

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>they don't do anime anymore
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Those square feet. I often wondered if these people were made of lego.
drawings were simple to keep costs low while exploding the animation budget on over the top scenes
isn't that just the style of the manga

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Can someone tell me why Fate/stay night VNfags are so fucking autistic? Why must you faggots constantly shit on ufotable's Fate/Zero and UBW adaptations for no good reason?
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Read/play the VN and find out.
It's not limited to Fate. All primaries are like this.
Literally nothing wrong with Fate/zero's adaptation. In fact, I'm hard pressed to find anything that's been adapted better.

For being the most action packed route, UBW was very boring to watch thanks to Ufo's curse of endless exposition, except when the studio made up shit like Caster's flashback or the based as fuck epilogue.

Somehow they made Archer vs Lancer 2 and the clusterfuck going on in the church boring as shit

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Also, post your favourites.
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Cock-blocker or Hero.png
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Is Najimi a cock-blocker or a lifesaver?
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i love komi
Why the hell is Tadano still crossdressing.

Did Najimi rub off him?

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Just finished alabasta arc. Complete trash. Could you people please tell me what arcs of one piece I should skip because I don't want to sit through this shitty ass arcs,but I still want to watch the show.
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>alabasta arc is trash
>want to watch One Piece
You are not going to like the show.

Nice b8
what was the good part of the fucking arc!? There was one useless cunt that literally did nothing other then scream SAVE ME CUZ I HAZ DA PUSSY MAN. and a bunch of fucking retards helping some cunt that was about to kill them a few days ago BC some fat butler cunt asked them to

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>draw girl
>call it a boy

there's being gay, and THEN there's being a gay HACK
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Whats wrong faggot, don't like feminine penis?
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So what's most possible outcome if these two had a go at it?
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Lesbian sex.
The answer is always lesbian sex.
Yuri it is then.
Time Manipulators = Asspull

>Berserk v01-37 (2003-2013) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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when will the next inuyashiki/to your eternity drop senpai
Oh yeah, forgot to post the final(?) Inuyashiki chapter. Will do momentarily. No TYE last week; today's chapter @ 3PM EST.
Any chance you'll ever do Tokyo Tarareba Girls?

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Would you say that Nen is the most useful of auras to be introduced in an anime or manga?
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Seems very limiting and can't do shit against nukes

and then there's those techniques made specifically to fuck another guy's shit up. Really I feel it's the least useful
>what are Stands
Seems pretty shit to me, even the by far most powerful user of it couldn't withstand a tiny nuke that fit inside an old man. Compared to something like Ki in Dragon Ball or just Stands in JoJo it's really really lacking.

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