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Can anyone explain the appeal of imoutos? I'm just not seeing it.
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They're cute younger girls, with whom you have lived and grown up all your life, who also love and look up on you, unconditionally.
Well aren't you a massive faggot.
Looks like Onizuka Naoshi's art.

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talk it dammit.png
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Why aren't you talking about this?
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Only releases available are LQ streams on Chinese websites. We're waiting for a HQ encode.
And well, a new anime project was announced so there's lots of speculation right now.
because it hasn't appeared yet?
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>can't understand japanese
I mean even birds can speak after hearing the same words multiple times.

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shitsurei, kamimashita.

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Is Goku an example of flanderization? I never watched much of the anime but I read the manga and stepping over to Dragon Ball Super is so fucking jarring.
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Yeah, pretty obviously.
Not just Goku either, Chichi is another example, many characters in DBS were pretty much reduced to a one-note joke.
It's not flanderization it's just a shitty adaptation/spin-off.
Those are not mutually exclusive.

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The raws are out here:

Not really an omake since it's about the release of Volume 1.
There's nothing else this week.
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Also, theauthor, in his after-chapter comment, says there will be 16 pages about how Jin and Lanka met.
>That seifuku themed swimsuit on Kurumi.
Kurumi's hair keeps changing color

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>the director and studio NUT is working for FLCL with IG right now

Well shit, when will season 2 of Youjo Senki happen then?
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Why would that happen?
That's good, NUT could use more work.

YS was successful and NUT owns rights to some of the IP. They'll make more when they can afford it.

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Oh youtube
Don't make streaming threads on /a/. Holy shit. Have you no decency?

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What's more important for a loli to have: a nice butt, a cute tum-tum, or an undying love for her onion-chan?
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All of the above
[x] All that and more
Tough question but if I had to chose it would be the butt.
And Sagiri has an amazing one, so..

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People are fine with incest as long as it's cute.
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there is no incest though
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>Every new arc introduce a new powerful group of baddies that is supposed to be more powerful than the last ones
>They never really feel more powerful than the last ones
>They all get defeated with Nakama punches

Seriously, is there any other series that have handled power level progression this bad?
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Kemono Friends
File: FT_wendy_fight_fanart_Swd3e2.jpg (703KB, 818x1133px)Image search: [Google]
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It was actually pretty good with powerlevel management until the timeskips and Second Origin threw things out of whack.
How this it's popular?

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Good subs when?
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Has it came out digitally yet?
>I don't want to watch any cam videos.
Are you blind or new? https://nyaa.si/view/942074

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I don't get it. Yoshiko was ready to leave her stupid chuuni persona behind then Chika came and not only convinced but encouraged her to keep doing it just for the sake of filling the school aidoru group quota.

What a shitty friend Chika is.
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It's a good persona.
The intention was that, deep down, Yoshiko didn't want to change to a more normal persona and so Aqours was wanting her to be true to herself. The writing was kind of muddled and not very clear, though, so it comes across as them just encouraging behavior she no longer wants or needs to engage in.

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QB Unlimited Claudette.jpg
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What did they do to Caludette? That looks nothing like her.
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I fucked up.
I don't hate it. But why change her completely?
I hope they don't ruin Menace.
She looks alright, but at least give her her original armor. She looks like a brand new character rather than an established one.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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Should have read it instead.
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File: shigurui-1142135.jpg (154KB, 800x1142px)Image search: [Google]
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very good shit

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Meta thread. Just curious, why are LN and VNs required to go to /no/, but we can have draw threads and buy/figure threads on /a/?

If VNs and LNs aren't allowed, should draw threads be on /ic/ and buy/model threads on /jp/?

No hating on those threads, I'm just curious why they're treated differently and how we came to that decision
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/Jp/ not /no/*. Fuck my keyboard
If dubs I banged OP's mom.
check em

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