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This show was so bad. Can someone please explain to me why anyone would like this?

I am a huge JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan. And now I feel like I can't even look at Stardust Crusaders the same anymore, like it's been tainted by this trash.

Everything good about Stardust Crusaders became cringy in this show.

Not funny, stupid stands, stupid characters, stupid fights...I don't even know what to say. It was absolute torture trying to finish the last few episodes.

To think that the epic that Jotaro went on, and the final battle against Dio...could come to this. Araki should be embarrassed he wrote this trash.

I always recommend Stardust Crusaders to my friends and fans of anime, but I would never recommend this. I would actually be embarrassed if anyone saw this before Stardust Crusaders.

And no, I am not trolling. I just cannot understand how something this awful is so universally loved. There were moments I was sitting there, with my jaw dropped, watching Killer Queen fight with a stupid plant-cat stand in it's stomach, firing air bubbles at Josuke...and I just couldn't even wrap my mind around his stupid it all was.
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Boring, obvious bait.

How is it bait? That's how I actually feel about it.
You sound pretty new, fuck off.

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Which never-ending manly series is the best?
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Berserk, even if now is idolmasterized
Jojo stopped being manly in the 90s, gramps

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Can anime teach people how to cook?
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That lighting and sweetness one tried at least

Would you embarrass this girl by calling her cute?
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Why is she wearing glasses without glasses?
It's a Japanese thing, you wouldn't understand.
damn lads, we right there with yokai on dead show of the week eh?

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Which one do I Euthanize?
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I think I may have seen this thread before.
Here, euthanize this instead! Quickly, she's very sick!
You can't kill something that's already dead

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What did they mean by this?
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He's planning to fill them with rubber nen.
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Hisoka had a relationsship with Machi as well?

So he's both into adult women AND young boys? How does that work?

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I love anons who love cute anime girls.
Liking lolis makes you a pedofile
Liking traps is gay
Boi pussy is just man ass
We all do here. Except for maybe a few faggots.

Also >>160266804

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Look into her eye, tell me what you see.
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A lesbian.
One and one makes two
You should stop streaming.

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Name a more powerful anime character.
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Suiren's Ashimari
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What has it been like so far? What have you picked up? What have you dropped?
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dumping summer reactinos to kill time
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Anyone else think that short shows don't get enough credit?

I'll be the first to admit that they can be insubstantial garbage, but a lot of times I enjoy stuff like Nobunaga's NInja and Tsuredure Children than most of the other full length shows in a season. I think it might be the ideal format for adapting 4-panel comic strips, other than doing "segments" like what you have what Nozaki and Nichibros.

maybe if azumanga daioh had been a short it wouldn't have been the gross dull laggard mess that was so lame it put azuma off any more anime adaptations of his shit
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I think there are plenty of anons that appreciate them. But with so little content there usually isn't much to talk about.

It's also noteworthy that you don't really have to air your shorts as shorts. Saiki Kusuo demonstrates how you can stitch together a bunch of them to make full length episodes.
shorts really are great. best thing about shorts is watching episodes of them during breaks from doing other shit. perfect length for a good break without wasting time
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I really enjoy my shorts.
It being limited to as few as 3 minutes a week doesn't turn me off from watching them or picking them up in the first place.

Pic related was a short I very much enjoyed while airing. The threads while airing were also pretty comfy.

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>Spice & Wolf v13 (Yen Press).zip
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How the fuck do animators draw dynamic poses like this, do they just photograph everything and reference it? What's the secret?
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Have you ever practiced drawing?
if you master basic human anatomy and basic of perspective, you can cook up many fascinating poses and shit from your head.

Then there's the good ol' artist mannequins, and a lot of animation can be also first rendered in low detail in 3D, on top of which finer details are drawn.

this though in the end.
Thanks anons I've always wondered that.

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just watched kimi no na wa. am i supposed to be bawling my eyes out?
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Would you like to?
From boredom yes. Can you keep it in a single thread. You guys are forcing this WAY too hard it's beyond pathetic. We get it. You've seen one movie in your life and you need to make 20 threads about it. Some of us have sen 20 movies and only made one thread about it.
sorry, i dont browse /a/ literally at all. this is the first anime ive actually really liked

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So I watched through to the end of the anime, and there's nothing on Subaru's death in Episode 5. He got violently ill thanks to the demon doggo's curse bite, but they never explained how the dog infiltrated the mansion to kill him that night.
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watch episode 10
That's the episode where he has to head back to the forest to kill the demons before the curse triggers, right? The one where Rem went ahead of him? The dogs didn't show anything like teleporting or shit like that.
which death? He dies of the curse every timeline where doggy bites him that day, except that one time he was clambering towards Emilia's chambers in the middle of the night, prompting Rem and Ram to put him down because he looked like a mad man.

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