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Is that Hex Maniac?
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Why is this anime so good? It's one of the few I didn't Alt+Tab every 3 minutes to do something else.

because you're a fucking child who can pay attention to anything that isn't video games and schoolyard identity drama

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So we have quite a few things to discuss.

First, you can find the first pages of the novel on >>>/cm/>3119766 kindly translated by translatanon.

And now for the juicy stuff : spoilers from the first BD.

>Shindo's main motivation in his negotiation career wasn't altruism, but his sense of accomplishment and success in resolving the problem
>Saraka always secretly doubted whose side he was really on (human or the anisotropic); in a way, it was both
>zaShunina's proactive approach is very rare among the anisotropics
>the real winners are the anisotropics, not humans; the events, Yukika included, are a net gain for them
>zaShunina never lied before ep9 and didn't truly understand lying; his comment "lies make me sad" was made precisely because it all finally started making sense to him and the implications were depressing

And last but not least
>the show was originally written to be 24 episodes long; in that version, Saraka didn't exist
>Saraka didn't exist
>did not
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THE MAN KEKED TO DEATH. One of the finer moments of last season.
Why can we never have good things?
I'm glad I watched the ending of Kado before the ending of Tsuki ga Kirei, the latter healed all my disappointment with this shitshow

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I want to give Kanna a _______
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What the fuck was her problem?
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She had a hard life.
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no problem. she was best girl. okamoto tho being a faggot had to kill her. he always kills the best girl. same with pic related.

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Say something nice about her
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By herself she is boring dull and obnoxious, but she compliments other girls well.
Her arc is literally the only good thing about the anime.

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We're 3 weeks in. What went right?
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Nothing. Anime is dead.
I'm having fun.
Same anon. This is by far the best season in recent memory.

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what the FUCK was this guy's problem?
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It's a japanese thing.
He loves little girls

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You've just captured Hestia, what are you doing next?
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smack her breasts over and over
Tell her Bell-kun and his boypussy are mine.

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I want to *** with Jun from the Light music club
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I can't trust her.
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She should have been executed for this.

But my wife Mugi can probably procure more high-end donuts anyway.

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>villain from the first arc becomes an ally in the last arc
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>Hero in the first arc becomes a villian in the last arc
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This only works like 50% of the time though
Desert Punk?

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New chapter is out and there are never Vinland threads
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I knew he couldn't dunk Thorkell. it just wasn't happening
Yeah, still made some decent damage though.
And he's just a kid, in the future he'll become a monster
There is always a thread when Hox dumps his translation, what are you talking about.

This is your date
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Cute clock, a shame she's nuts.
I don't see a problem.

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Saber is going to bed now. Say "goodnight saber san"
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sayonara seibah chan
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Oyasumi, Saber-tan~
Sleep tight Sabber

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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what happens when I like it?
I like it
She's gonna post this everyday until you LIKE IT

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Where would you take Ryuko to on a date?
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How about a nice ramen shop?
idk im not great with directions i might lose my way trying to get there

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