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Suicidal Loli x serial killer manga/game is getting an anime
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>comic gene
Why would anyone care about something with no translations?
game is translated, and it's pretty good
and manga also got picked up by VIz I think.

Really looking forward to the anime, the game has a quite big following in Japan and Korea(annoucement itself had 29k retweets within two hours) so it's weird how the west overlooked it

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What do you say when someone says your favorite anime is shit?
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No u
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"I like it though, and that's all that matters to me"
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aria alice.gif
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you're wrong

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ITT: Great MCs
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is this suppose to be a joke?.
If by great you mean shit.

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you start, anon
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You posted a nice example, that girl has the ugliest short hair style

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Well I don't like it.
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I am indifferent to it.
Stop joking around.

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Is there an anime where cocky, smug ass characters, specifically women, get completely rekt and broken down by someone that cant be fucked with?
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I think there's a thread with a fetish like this on /d/, OP.
wow someone has mommy issues

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It's that time again. Short single chapter this time. Real life happens and all. At least it's not dropped or anything, right?
Disclaimer to mods as always. Published in a non porn magazine, Should be allowed, blah blah. Please don't ban me.
Open to ideas on a better SFX for the last panel. Think tea kettle steaming.
Side note: Still looking for a translator for Kemokko Zoo if anyone wants to help with that.
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I really hope that weight is for both. 22 pounds of tit there for the burgers.
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File: i-115.png (313KB, 844x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there a single piece of anime music as emotionally captivating as this was?

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It wasn't just for show.
Still get chills every time.
I think the Thunderbolt OST 1 with all the vocal jazz songs was the best Gundam OST.

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Saki Biyori raws in a shitty quality - Toki and Shinohayu soon (hopefully)

Today - Sera is afraid of puppies.
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peer pressure?
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>no raws
>no subs

It's gonna be a long wait
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Good things need to wait longer.
I can't
The BD is not out yet and will not be for a while correct?

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Should the history of weeaboo date back to 19 century?
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File: weeb2.jpg (183KB, 600x962px)Image search: [Google]
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by Claude Monet
File: weeb3.jpg (126KB, 600x474px)Image search: [Google]
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by Vincent van Gogh
16th century black weeb

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i think she broke his arm.gif
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>Whoever fights with rose-colored life should see to it that their life does not become rose-colored in the process. And when you gaze long into the amethyst eyes the amethyst eyes also gaze into you.
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Hyouka was such garbage. The most unbearable 4 main characters of all time.
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I want to satisfy her curiosity.

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What do you thik about ReLife /a/?

I thought it would be shit knowing how much japanese people love highscool but im impressed, this is actually very close to the real thing,well at least to how highschool was for me and my group of friends, im 20 so maybe i can't relate to how the mc and the other adults feel old at 27 but i sure wish my goup of friend had a bro like mc around that time, i can't wait for those OVAs in 2018...
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>this is actually very close to the real thing
Still reading the manga. Apart from it being a bit slow and wasting time on side characters it's still pretty interesting. Though I kinda hate the premise that they will *maybe* forget each other.
anime becomes uninteresting around 6th episode

You guys think the folks at Sunrise watched Voltron?

It was seriously way more enjoyable than both G reco and IBO...

Tfw the west does mecha/sentai better than the east.
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>Tfw the west does mecha/sentai better than the east.
Said no one ever.
I just said it.

Watch all 3 series and then decide.
I thought Toei owned Golion, though I get that isn't what you where going for.

Super Sentai is a franchise name and not a genre. Tokusatsu superhero maybe.

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Who is the real black swordsman?
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Me on the right.
File: 3362277-6292541089-Afro_.png (336KB, 917x938px)Image search: [Google]
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Y'all posers need ta move on over.
It was stated by the author that left is too big for a sword. So only right can be a swordsman.

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